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Braxton hicks

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glitternanny Thu 30-Jun-11 12:28:28

it appears mine have started at 19weeks!

Generally when I'm walking a distance, 1mile+ pushing a 2yo in a buggy, I'm trying to slow down my pace!!

The 'tightening' I had today seemed to go on forever thi, about 10-15min, it was more noticeable when I was moving, I did stop a few times to try and ease it.

Lynzilove Thu 30-Jun-11 12:49:14

I only get mine when I'm out and about aswell, never when I'm sat chilling. Does make you slow down while they're there. It's such a bizarre feeling! My mum said it was the same for her when she had me. I am 38 weeks,have been getting them for a few weeks now.

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