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brand new and first pregnancy

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missperelman Wed 29-Jun-11 20:28:26

hello, i wonder if anyone can answer me. this is my first pregnancy. i gauge that i am exactly 8 weeks from my lmp. about to go to the doctors to make it all official but haven't yet done a home test. but i have had no menstruation for 8 weeks, very sore and larger boobs, constipation, extreme exhaustion, increased urinating, a thickening waist etc etc. i have been eating really healthily and gave up booze and caffeine and shellfish years ago as have been ttc for a year or more. i know i am pg.

i just wondered when - if indeed i am to get morning sickness - is it likely to happen?

if it's 6 weeks, as i read everywhere, is it 6 weeks after lmp, or 6 weeks after conception?

also, i know i can have my 1st ultrasound at 10 weeks, but do they mean 10 weeks after lmp or 10 weeks after presumed conception?

finally, can i have the general first ultrasound along with a gender-determining scan? what is the difference in the weeks between those 2 scans and can they be done together?

when i try to find all this out, i get conflicting advice.
many many thanks for your time

thisisyesterday Wed 29-Jun-11 20:34:31

you need to see a midwife who will give you a date for a booking appointment which is where they take allllllllll your details and do bloods, urine, weigh you etc etc

once that is done you'll get a date through for your first scan which is normally done at around 12 weeks,
some places may tell you the gender at 12 weeks if they can see, but it's more likely that they would tell you at the 20 week scan (if at all)

if you are really desperate to know the sex then it might be worth booking a private scan.

you may or may not get sickness, it may or may not occur around the 6 week mark grin helpful aren't i??? lol

first things first though, i would take a test. as far as i'm aware you can't just go and announce that you are pregnant. a midwife or GP will have you do a test if you haven't already done one... so worth doing imo

missperelman Wed 29-Jun-11 20:37:30

thanks v much. i'll book a midwife appointment tomorrow.

is the likely morning sickness 6 weeks since lmp mark? or since conception?
1000 thanks

nannyl Wed 29-Jun-11 20:37:32

my sickness started at 5+6 (from LMP)

however by 8weeks i was in hospital with HG (extreme sickness)

Sounds like you might be one of the lucky ones, giving that awful symptom a miss.

Mum2be79 Wed 29-Jun-11 20:42:16

It depends where you live. In E.Yorks we contact our GP and they give us the number to phone a MW. From that, they take details and send a 'booking in appointment' through the post. This is usually 8-10 weeks pregnant and they calculate this from LMP. At the booking in appointment you're asked various questions about your health, the father's health and medical history of immediate family. They take blood for; blood group, rhesus, syphilis, HIV, anaemia and other things. After that, they send the paper work to the hospital who then contact you via a letter to go for a dating/nuchal scan between 11-14 weeks and 2 days. That's where I'm up to in my pregnancy! We get an anomoly scan between 19-22 weeks and that's it for scans. If you want a 4D scan, you'll need to go private.

As for symptoms; everyone is different. Some get MS, some don't. Some only get nausea and this may go on for a couple of weeks, for some it can be weeks even months. Some women get really obvious symptoms and some don't - some non at all! Sore boobs is a common one to many. My symptoms were: sore boobs, enlarged waistline, period type cramps, sciatica, aversion to food after 4pm along with nausea, weight loss (due to not eating I think).

Get used to conflicting advice. It's changing by the hour I think. I've already had heated discussions in our staff room when people disagree over silly things such as; alcohol, sleeping positions, peanuts, prawns etc, etc. The best advice I can give you is listen to your MW about foods and as for the rest, go with the flow.

FirstTimeMummyToBe Wed 29-Jun-11 21:37:56

Hi i would advise test then midwife. I went to my doctors which was pointless as he only told me to book appointment with Midwife although he did give me a proscription for my folic acid. i had taken two tests (as it wasnt a planned pregnancy) and thought that they would have given me another to 'make it official' but that never happened.

When i went to the midwife she just took my basis details and then booked me in for my booking appointment which lasted about an hour. i was 14 weeks by this point (although thought i was 12) so was given a scan that week.

I am 19 weeks now and have my 20 week scan next Friday and have had a midwife app inbetween where i gave a urine test and went over my blood results from the booking app. I was told at my 12 week scan that she THINKS im having a boy but wouldnt give me a definite answer as it was still quite early so keeping fingers crossed that we will find out for definite at the next scan.

I was told that my next midwife appointment will be at 24 weeks.

This is my first as well if u hadnt noticed the name smile haha

hope this helps a bit.

FirstTimeMummyToBe Wed 29-Jun-11 21:39:23

oh and i have not had any morning sickness at all smile ... had a bit of nausea. Couldnt say exactly when this started though.

kri5ty Thu 30-Jun-11 12:20:04

hey hun

Your dates go from LMP
Book a MW ap as soon as possible so they can get you booked in for your scans in time etc

I had no morning sickness at all, no sore boobs, the only symtom i had was only being able to eat fatty foods until i was around 9 weeks pregnant.

Your first scan (dating) is generally between 10-13 weeks, and you can have the screening for downs syndrome at this point too.

Your second scan (anomily) is betwee 18-21 weeks, this is when they can possibly determine the gender (if baby is being helpful!)

When you see the midwife fist of all for you "booking in appointment" they will take blood, urine, help you fill out your notes and give you loads of info. They also write down what dates you need to go back and see them

And congrats!!! Its my 1st too.... so excited! I am 16 weeks now x

kri5ty Thu 30-Jun-11 12:20:43

Ps take a home test... i went to the docs and they just told me to go home and take a home test too!

missperelman Thu 30-Jun-11 14:41:59

thanks all for brilliant advice. xx

missperelman Thu 30-Jun-11 14:43:05

p.s. is it ok to take acidophilus? it's a high strength one. the good bacteria! as on all supplements, it says don't take without advice if pregnant, but i thought i'd check with you all too x

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