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Feeling better so worried sick!

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lostmybounce Wed 29-Jun-11 09:32:30

Does anyone else feel like this? Almost 13 weeks with No. 3 and I had 6 weeks of intense all day nausea with some vomiting. Feeling so much better now so terrified something's gone wrong even though I had a great scan 2 weeks ago. I had a miscarriage between 1 and 2 (lost baby at 10 weeks) so the worry never quite goes away. It's just every other time I didn't feel better until 16 weeks when I was feeling movement anyway. Terrible to not be able to appreciate not feeling horrible all the time!

NatzCNL Wed 29-Jun-11 09:39:39

I had this too (currently pregnant with DD3) - I only had 2 weeks of feeling sick and rubbish, whereas my other pregnancies I suffered for 13-14 weeks. Im sorry to hear about your mc. I also lost baby between DD2 and this one at 15 weeks due to a heart defect, so this pregnancy been more worrying than the others.

I felt all my girls begin to move at 16 weeks too, and the reassurance was a huge relief. As you say, the worry will never go, and it is horrible not being able to enjoy the pregnancy and the feeling of normality once all the sickness has passed.

Hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you smile

I am 28 weeks tomorrow and have a very active LO, she had a quiet day on Saturday so was straight up the hospital fearing the worst...! But all was fine, she just moved to an odd position.

Dont think any part of the pregnancy is worry free to be honest, just have to keep calm and carry on xx

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