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PGP - when does it end? Bit of a moan!

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ninipops Wed 29-Jun-11 07:57:21

Had a slight touch of this with DD for the last few weeks but it seemed to disappear as soon as she was born from what I can remember. This time round though it started around 20 weeks and has had me using crutches on and off. NHS physio was rubbish and basically said that she couldn't find anything wrong with my pelvis and to avoid lifting DD (how do you avoid lifting a 17mth old??) Anyway DH and I got a new bed about a month ago and that seems to have helped enormously but I still can't walk any distance without suffering afterwards. Yesterday I took DD in her buggy to the supermarket (about a 20min round trip when not pg) and today my pelvis is knackered - its going to be a crutch day.

Please someone tell me this ends quickly after the birth cause I'm really going to be up the proverbial creek with a newborn and a toddler if it doesn't.

HarrietJones Wed 29-Jun-11 08:02:25

Have you had the baby yet? Majority of of people lose it v quickly after birth. I'm still suffering 8 months later. I must be a rarity though as Physio/GP were confused by it.

ninipops Wed 29-Jun-11 08:09:26

Thanks Harriet, no baby yet. I am 35+3 and really hoping this one comes at 38!

ninipops Wed 29-Jun-11 08:10:49

Sorry posted too quickly - are you getting any relief from physio etc? It sounds a bit of a nightmare to be still suffering.

NatzCNL Wed 29-Jun-11 09:32:33

I began suffering with 'mild' PGP a few weeks ago. Have avoided lifting, carrying and pushing anything I dont need to. However that is not an oprion in your situation (I had 16 months between my first 2 and suffered with SPD with my 2nd which was pretty tough as DD1 was still a baby whilst I was pregnant).

I found this time around, sleeping snuggled up on my side to a full body length pillow with one leg resting on top has helped enormously. I think Boots or Mothercare sell them - mine was given to my by SIL.

I am 28 weeks tomorrow and have so far had hardly any pain - unless I over do the walking. If you dont need to be anywhere in a rush, try to stop every so often for a drink and a rest. Although I do find that if I sit for too long I get awful pelvic pain.

Wishing the last few weeks of your pregnancy to pass as pain free as possible x

Also Harriet - I hope you get some relief soon, seems a very long time to be suffering xx

HarrietJones Wed 29-Jun-11 09:40:44

There's someone on here who has SPD & teenagers(I think, been suffering a long time anyway!)

I'm not as bad as I was.walking without crutches from about 3 weeks post natal but haven't made much progress since the

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