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Middle of the night panic! Swollen insect bite!

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Starrbee Wed 29-Jun-11 01:58:04


I am queen of the 'middle of the night panic' when nothing can be done if there is a problem - all it achieves is another sleepless night!

Todays panic is I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby and on Sunday I got bitten by a horsefly. It didn't blow up instantly but I ran it under cold water for a couple of minutes as soon as it happened and it seemed ok. However since then it has got redder and more swollen. I would say it was at it's worse on Monday evening. It has gone down a bit and is not itching now but it now has a solid, swollen lump where the bite is. I have applied aloe vera gel today and it isn't as hot but now my forearm, where the bite is locating, aches slightly. I'm now panicking, (having googled - I know I shouldn't but I couldn't help it) that I am going to get blood poisoning or something worse that will effect the baby.

I'm not concerned as to what it does to me - I get bitten by the buggers every year and always react badly (hence this delayed panic setting in) - I just am completely freaked out that it's going to harm bubs!

Has anyone had similar problems and been to see their midwife/GP? If the swelling isn't down by the morning I'm going to see my GP and I have a midwife appointment on Friday so even if the swelling has gone down by then I'm still going to check with her. But I would really appreciate any advice or support from anyone who has had a similar reaction to an insect bite during pregnancy! Just so I might be able to get a couple of hours sleep! smile

pregnantmimi Wed 29-Jun-11 03:36:51

yes yes yes I even put photos on facebook of my bites as my actual arm swelles up so bad looked like a freaky muscle also had one on my leg around ankle super swelled up.

Like to point out this has never happened before normally get just a little spot so put it down to being pregnant.

I actually didnt go the doctors the swelling went down after a week but actually alot in a few days.

But yeah my husband was laughing saying what would happen if I got one on my nose and that swelled up lol.

I never thought to go the doctors but if your worried you should go to put your mind at rest. xx

Starrbee Wed 29-Jun-11 13:25:17

Thank you pregnantmimi - for the reassurance. I thought I was being unrational but I can't help it - in the middle of the night everything always seems 100 times worse!! Why is that? As soon as I get up in the morning everything always seems better and I don't know why I was worrying so much!

Swelling does seem to have gone down a bit but there's still a solid lump there - I've been applying savlon and arnica cream alternatively and that seems to be helping. If it's still solid on Friday I'll point it out to the midwife and see what she says.

Thanks again. Panic over - until the next time . . . smile

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