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Help!! Implant advice!

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laylasmummy08 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:22:04

I have had the implant in since december 2009 and its due out december 2012. i didnt have a period for the first few months then i started getting them every 2 months for 3 weeks at a time.
i have never suffered bad side effects with it up until 2 months ago? i had a period in april,not in may and was due to have one beginning of june which hasnt arrived!
i have been broody for a few months now and would love another child (me and my partner already have a 3 year old) but he isnt ready for another yet and whats to wait until we are a bit more settled.
i cant stop thinking about babies and past few weeks i have felt dizzy, hungry all the time, fluttering etc but i dont know if this is just all in my head????
is it very common for people to get pregnant on the implant, i have read a few threads where people have been caught out! to be completely honest i would be over the moon if i was, but not sure my OH would be :-( any advice/suppot would be appreciated! xx

PoppysMom Wed 29-Jun-11 02:31:41

I think you have to take a test to know.
I don't know how reliable the implant is, but you should be able to google the stats for that.

Good luck smile

laylasmummy08 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:37:00

Thankyou! i have googled all night for some info and it all says the same! nothing is 100% so i think i am going to wait another week or two then take one!
:-) x

excitedLJ Wed 29-Jun-11 09:56:16

just a word of caution.... don't get too excited, this happened to me in Feb last year but it was just the hormones in th implant playing havoc with me. I had two implants so was on it for 6 years and once I went 19 months without a period then it was almost permament!
Obv no harm in checking but I didn't want you to be like me and start daydreaming abut it only to be disappointed xx

Sidge Wed 29-Jun-11 10:14:49

It's very very rare to get pregnant with an implant in. If pregnancy does occur it's usually because the implant wasn't inserted correctly or it was inserted at the wrong time in a cycle and back-up contraception wasn't advised or used. In studies, nearly all pregnancies that did result occurred within 2-4 weeks of insertion. The pregnancy rate is approximately 0.03%.

If the bleeding is unacceptable it's worth seeing your health care professional as you may need additional hormones to control the bleeding, but I would say it's very very unlikely you are pregnant. If you want to get pregnant you are fertile again very quickly after removal.

laylasmummy08 Wed 29-Jun-11 10:21:21

thanks for all the advice! really helpful!!! x

mummynoseynora Wed 29-Jun-11 10:24:12

what sidge said! The woman who put mine in said that nearly all pregnancies were because the person was already pregnant and didn't know, or it was put in at the wrong time etc

I wouldn't worry tbh - but take a test, it may put your mind at rest!

saoirse86 Wed 29-Jun-11 11:43:55

There's a woman I know on MN who got pregnant on the implant but it was because there was nothing in it (faulty batch) so I doubt that would happen again. I've been having similar feelings of being pregnant for months but I'm not and I think it's just hormones. It may well be the implant messing with your hormones a bit too.

Don't get too excited because I've done the same and been really upset when I've got a BFN!

laylasmummy08 Wed 29-Jun-11 17:30:35

i will be gutted if im not (which i know deep down it will be negative) if its going to keep giving me the pregnancy symptoms im going to take it out as its messing my hormones up! the first year i had no problems at all with it its only recently i have been feeling like this :-(

oh well, i shall know either way by next week, and positive or negative i shall be taking a trip to the doctors for its removal!!!

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