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is there a Braxton Hicks link to prem labour?

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PrincessScrumpy Tue 28-Jun-11 21:36:51

I never had braxton hicks with dd1, I'm now 27+5w pg with ID twins and am getting braxton hicks every evening. They seem to get stronger by the night and I've now started getting them in the day too. Is it just one of those things or there a link to premature labour?

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Jun-11 21:40:27

not as far as I know.

i do know that i got them stronger and earlier with each subsequent pregnancy/ when i looked it up it seemed that this was quite common.

mumblebum Tue 28-Jun-11 21:46:02

No I don't think so. I didn't really get any with my first, and quite mild ones with my 2nd, but this time they started quite early on and have been pretty painful at times. I'm now 38+5 and previous baby with no really noticeable BH arrived at 39+1 so I think it's safe to say it's made no difference.

NorthLondonDoulas Tue 28-Jun-11 23:51:03

No link at all so please breathe a huge sigh of relief!!! My braxton hicks also got earlier and earlier with each pregnancy - with my last i was getting them from 16 weeks. They are a good sign and help your body and muscles to prepare for labour, so as annoying as they are, be relaxed in the thought that they are helping you in the long run for a more effective labour. Huge congrats by the way - twins!x

Misty9 Wed 29-Jun-11 19:07:31

Thought it was worth saying that BH can be linked to dehydration - I was having loads of them (a few an hour) a couple of weeks ago then when I started guzzling water they really reduced in frequency. I'm 30+2 now but have been having BH since 25wks or so. Hope that helps.

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