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Baby bumps, lumps, kicks & turns that make you go ouch!!

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susiesheep2 Tue 28-Jun-11 15:11:59

I've been wondering this for a while and i keep forgetting to ask my midwife, i was just wondering what everyone else thought, you know when the baby does a funny turn, or you turn funny or bend over and it makes you go ouch like a big kick would - is that because your ribs are banging against the baby or something? its just got me thinking a few times a day ill get a really strong kick, or ill move some how so i get quite a jab in my ribs or sides.. and then i got wondering if it makes me go ouch, is it ouch for baby too? I keep getting the thought that I keep accidentally moving in a way my ribs are squashing my baby or something, is this possible? i guess im just dreaming up new things to worry about as we approach D-DAY!! xx

Badgerwife Tue 28-Jun-11 15:24:40

It might be your ribs but in any case, it would do nothing to the baby, unless you were to properly fall over and hurt yourself. The baby's well cushioned by your waters so wouldn't be hurt by any of it. When it gets bigger it might object to being pushed around but again, the baby's way more comfortable in there than it will be out in the real world

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