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HUGE boobs- When will they stop?! Any bra tips?! :P

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whizzyrocket Tue 28-Jun-11 09:48:28

Well as the title suggests I'm somewhat liberally endowed at the moment. I've gone from being a perfectly respectable 34D to a stonking 34F! And I'm only half-way through (21 weeks) as yet.

I feel when I walk around the supermarket my boobs are flirting with other men! Most inconsiderate of them as although my husband does say that he thinks they're almost too big now, he's still quite a loyal admirer! smile

So, they're big!

I've been buying so many new bras I've got quite a range now, in all sorts of sizes. I need to buy more though so I thought I'd ask if anyone can recommend any particular style (I do have a few maternity ones but have grown again since buying them) or place to get them from?

And also, does anyone know whether boobs do their growing in the first 20 weeks and then stop? (Crosses fingers) Or do they just continue growing until you've had the baby, or until you've stopped breast-feeding? Will they go back to a moderate size afterwards? And if they do is there even the slightest chance they might be pert again??

AgBag Tue 28-Jun-11 10:15:40

Hi, I'm also having this problem. My boobs grew from a 30F to a 32G within the first 12 weeks. Not much fun. I went to a Bravissimo shop to be fitted. I would thoroughly recommend them. They fitted me in one of their own brand bras. Its not a maternity bra, but its very supportive. I'm now at 23 weeks and am really filling the bras now, but I think I'll be ok for a bit longer before I need to buy more. Bravissimo recommends to go back to them for another fitting two weeks before your due date and they will fit you in something that should fit you when the milk comes in. So there is likely to be more growing!

KatyN Tue 28-Jun-11 11:23:14

I would recommend Bravissimo too.. I am a STONKER (As you would say normally.. 32H - it's the 32 that makes me look a bit crackers) and haven't actually gone up much at all (20 weeks).
Bravissimo gave me advice on buying to fit me for pregnancy (so normally you should buy on the loosest back fitting.. now go for the tightest so your back can expnd.. and also there should be a fist of space in the cup to grown into).

If you can't get to a bravissimo.. then they have a fab delivery service and the phone line is REALLY helpful.. or just follow these guidelines when you shop

idlevice Wed 29-Jun-11 01:43:51

32G pre-preg here & also recommending Bravissimo, or the website bras4mums who do have some mobile fitters around the country & great customer service. I am finding moulded cups awful in this pregnancy as they seem really constricting & squash my nips! I went into soft cup bras at about 9weeks for comfort.

When the milk comes in just after you have the baby your boobs just go mental! I had a stretchy bra by Bravado that covered a range of 3 cup sizes which worked well in that period & the early weeks of bf-ing. I bf-ed for ages but did eventually go back to my pre-preg size & not too bad a shape. I'm not holding out much hope after the second baby tho!

witches Wed 29-Jun-11 08:16:12

I also used bravissimo hut if your not close by i found panache bras on ebay for about a fiver cheaper. I have tried marks and debenhams but they dont seem big enough, panache are very generous sizes and also have a bit of give.

TransatlanticCityGirl Wed 29-Jun-11 08:50:32

I found that I did most of my growing in the first half of the pregnancy, then I stabilised. DH thinks they are getting bigger but my bra size disagrees. I'm told that really, they only stop growing at 36-37 weeks generally speaking. I'm 41 weeks now.

I have yet to find a good brand of maternity/nursing bra that fits me well / looks good unfortunately sad

lovemysleep Wed 29-Jun-11 09:22:58

Have gone from a 34D/E to a 38F, and am only 26 weeks! My boobs go bonkers during pg...
I find Bravissimo good for fitting, but they do have a disappointingly small range of styles. So, I got measured with them, and have been buying Hot Milk bras over the internet - Figleaves have got some lovely ones in the sale at the mo, and you can get them from some other places.
They are nursing bras and not maternity ones, but that doesn't matter.

sprinkles77 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:36:45

I think every one's different. I lost a lot of weight due to morning sickness in first trimester, and needed new bras about 20 weeks. I got bigger nursing bras at about 38 weeks, but never breast fed. 15 months later I am still a cup size bigger (was 30DD before preg, went up to 32F for nursing bras, now 30E). I assume that they'll grow more if I get preg again.

sprinkles77 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:40:30

Oh, meant to say...I wore underwired bras fitted at bravissimo during my pregnancy. Wires are not recommended as if not fitting properly they apparently can damage the milk ducts hmm. Bravissimo lady basically said that probably is a myth, but I should get measured every 6 weeks or so to be sure. She did say though that underwired not good for breast feeding (not sure if you can even get underwired nursing bras). I suspected some of the boob growth was pure fat, but I am lighter now that when I got preg, and the boobs are def bigger..

crazyhead Wed 29-Jun-11 10:49:21

I thought my DDs were annoying enough, I feel like a Bavarian barmaid in most of my clothes. I have to confess to buying my bras at TKMAXX at the moment. I resent spending money when they are growing so quickly. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I could tell if they were fitted badly (and you don't need a degree to get a tape measure out ;) ) but that's just my sloppy minded opinion.

Cocoflower Wed 29-Jun-11 13:16:55

I am a F cup normally so my boobs have gone beyond the normal scale of cup sizes!

However I have not even bought a new bra (Im 25 weeks) at all as the one I had pre pregancy fits so well and has just accomadated the growth.

The bra's are not the most attractive but they are sooooooo comfortable, the best bra's I have ever had- They are called 'Doreen' bra's by Triumph. You can get them John lewis, Debenham and online.

They may not be specific nuring or maternity bra's I cannot tell you how comfortable they are and they go up to huge sizes!

LisMcA Wed 29-Jun-11 13:20:48

I got one of these while pregnant ad still wear it now (DS is 8 Weeks). I like it because it covers a range of sizes.

And if you think your boobs are big now wait until you milk comes in grin

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