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Jayne271 Tue 28-Jun-11 08:55:17

Hey ladies smile So this is my first post sorry if it is a bit long winded...I am currently 36+2 wks prg with my 4th dc and have polyhydramnios was meausirng full term at 33wks. I did have this with my last pregnancy but not as bad..was induced..However we have moved to a new area and it all seems diffrent here, my consultant said they want me to go into labour naturally and call a ambulance as soon as my waters go. I am really worried about this as i deliver very quickly (My 2nd dd was deliverd on the sofa before ambulance got to us...and we lived across the road from the hospital smile ) We now live roughly 45mins away from the local hospital..i am so worried about being left to it...Just been informed today that my dh will be working 4 days a week away from home and have no family or anyone i can rely on here..Do you think i should try and get another opinion on them inducing me and give me a date or go with it?

Renaissance227 Tue 28-Jun-11 12:04:12

I'd definitely get another opinion and just explain the situation to them fully. Good luck Jayne271

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