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brickingit Mon 27-Jun-11 21:37:45

Sister is 3 1/2 months pg. In the park on Saturday, she got hit really hard in the lower back by a football which knocked her right over.

Took her straight to A&E, where they were really good, checked, scanned etc: everything seems OK. Consultant said that at this stage, baby is very well protected against injury from back: "You'll be in a wheelchair before you hurt the babe!" were her actual words.

Sister reassured but v nervous: anyone with any experience out there?

CBear6 Mon 27-Jun-11 21:47:12

I fell over in the bath when I was pregnant with DS. I stood up, slipped, and over I went, I twisted as I fell though so my belly hit the edge of the bath whilst my shoulder/arm/hip hit the bottom. I was checked over and was fine, they gave me codeine for the pain, and DS is now almost 2yo.

A friend of mine went for a ride on a motorbike when she was around 32 weeks and crashed. Luckily she wasn't going full throttle but she still took a tumble, she was in hospital overnight on a drip to stop contractions (the fall made contractions start) but was fine afterwards, just sore and sheepish. Baby was born on time and is also 2yo.

They really are well protected in there. I hope she gave the kicker of the football an earful though!

ToriaPumpkin Mon 27-Jun-11 21:59:15

They are very, very well padded in there, at 17 weeks a friend of mine forgot about my fairly small, hidden by a hoodie, bump and grabbed me round the waist and spun me round. I was in a lot of pain for about ten minutes. He was not popular, thought my very laid back DH was going to deck him! Have had absolutely no problems though, have been checked out twice since then and everything is fine, baby is currently trying to dislodge my belly button!

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