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Sick leave and maternity pay

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Blobby11 Mon 27-Jun-11 18:10:59

I'm 32 weeks and not feeling fantastic at the moment and work are really piling on the pressure. My GP said she could sign me off but it would affect my maternity pay.

I'm a bit confused. I thought the only thing I needed to watch out for was being sick four weeks before my due date as then maternity leave would automatically kick in.

Can anyone help?


Happydogsaddog Mon 27-Jun-11 18:14:40

Your first six weeks mat pay is at 90% based on the prior eight weeks. If you're on full company sick pay then it won't matter but if you're on SSP then it will reflect in your 90%. Hope this makes sense

Eviepoo Mon 27-Jun-11 18:17:27

As happy dog says, it can if you don't get full sick pay.
Other than that you are correct - if you go sick anytime in your last 4 weeks with anything PG related your mat leave starts then

Blobby11 Mon 27-Jun-11 18:19:38

I'd get full company sick pay so sounds like I'd be ok. Thanks so much everyone

Happydogsaddog Mon 27-Jun-11 18:36:08

Are you taking A/L prior to mat leave?


Message withdrawn

AppleyEverAfter Mon 27-Jun-11 19:43:23

I think it's if you take a full four weeks off sick, they class the first day as the start of your maternity leave.

And my 90% is based on April and May wage, when I'm due in September. So what HRH said.


Message withdrawn

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