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where's my period if i'm not pregnant!

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JosieMummy Mon 27-Jun-11 15:51:08

hi - sorry, i know we're not doctors (in general) - but don't know who else to ask!
So - last few days of may/beginning of june, i was on and off my pill as we were on hols and so routine was all over the place. last couple of days of the week's holiday I didn't take it at all and on fri 3rd june, me and DH had unprotected sex. (sorry for the details!). Anyway - i'd have expected to come on by now - as I'd pretty much had a whole month of pills - so ordinarily should have bled by now.

Anyway I haven't started taking pill again as I'm thinking "what if i AM preggers... don't want to harm baby".
By the way, over the last 2 weeks or so i've taken about 4 tests - and all of them negative - so, if i'm not pregnant, where's my period??

It's been 3 weeks and 3 days since the unprotected incident... so is it too early for a test? I've read that in theory it's not too early for a test on some forums. By the way - also no symptoms of pregnancy as per my last two babies (no sore boobies, no sickness, no particular hunger) - only thing is I have been very windypops... but then that could just be me! lol!

Any ideas??? Thanks MNers!!

MotherPanda Mon 27-Jun-11 15:53:40

Could still be too early for a test, normal ones are usually accurate from 4-6 weeks. You can buy more expensive ones that will do earlier though.

I think 3 weeks would be far too early to notice any symptons of pregnancy, they usually start to appear around 4-6 weeks too.

Give it some time? It could be just that coming off the pill has messed your hormones round a little bit?

Hope thats useful smile

JosieMummy Mon 27-Jun-11 16:00:38

thanks... i think I just need someone to re-iterate the facts to me.

In a way, i've sort of been thinking about it since period hasn't arrived, and i'm somewhat getting excited about the idea of a 3rd, so i'm just keen to know if i am or not...

if i'm not - that's fine - but I just don't know how long to wait before thinking "ok, i'm not - i'll go back on the pill then".

i know what you mean about coming off the pill and how it could have messed up the system - however - there weren't many days left of that pill pack anyway - so how did my body know i was coming off the pill - it could have just been the normal week's break - and if so - why didn't I bleed?

Sorry - they're rhetorical q's really - i'm not expecting you to know the answers - i'm just thinking out loud...

PoppysMom Tue 28-Jun-11 04:17:02

Hi Josie,

The pill won't harm your baby if you are pregnant as far as I know.

Try testing again over the weekend.

Keeping fingers crossed for some happy news smile

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