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less movements after 30 weeks?

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Annie456 Mon 27-Jun-11 13:13:54

Hi all,
I've had a very active LO who's been kicking and punching constantly but in the last week or so, since I got to 30 weeks I've noticed less movement.
There is still movement but it's more subtle. Is this because the baby is getting too big to take a full swing and do his / her usual somersaults or should things still be fully active at this stage?
I'll mention it to my MW on thurs but just wondered if I should be more concerned or if it's normal?

RitaMorgan Mon 27-Jun-11 13:20:43

Any change in movement should be checked out - can you call the midwife now?

QueenCee Mon 27-Jun-11 13:30:14

It will be because LO has much less room to swing a punch! As they get towards term they really don't have much room at all.
Double check it with your MW just to make yourself feel better but try and relax.... It's normal smile

Badgerwife Mon 27-Jun-11 13:30:15

I second RitaMorgan, I would check with the midwife asap; I'm 36+ and would not describe the movements as "more subtle". The baby is getting big and so it shouldn't be kicks but stronger rolls

Annie456 Mon 27-Jun-11 16:11:18

I've left a message for my midwife to call me back but I think it will be tomorrow morning now. As I said, I'm still getting movements, they're just not as strong or frequent. Thanks!

DingleDangleDiva Mon 27-Jun-11 16:26:25

Hi Annie try not to worry too much as in most cases this is just due to there being less room for baby to kicik around so will often result in a few strong kicks or a big roll rather than fluttery movements and gentle kicks you nomrally feel.

You've done the right thing going to midwife though as even the daftest of things can result in panic for you and it will help put your mind at rest smile

I was never out of hospital after 34 weeks because of lack of movement but was advised to eat ice cream or ice cubes as these 'shock' the baby a little so they kick out (not in a scary way although I know it sounds so wink

JenniferHolland Mon 27-Jun-11 16:31:30

I think that you should consult a docotor, maybe use a doppler to here his heartbeats just in case..

janedoe25 Mon 27-Jun-11 19:49:25

can you pop along to ante-natal assessment at the hospital? Any change in baby's routine regarding movement should be checked out.

birdofthenorth Mon 27-Jun-11 20:06:37

Same happened to me. Perfectly healthy baby arrived at 41 weeks. No harm checking though smile

Annie456 Mon 27-Jun-11 23:53:33

Midwife called back and told me to go in to the hospital. Went in and got hooked up for half an hour and felt very silly that the LO was moving around almost constantly-o just couldn't feel most of it. I just wanted to get out of there asap after wasting their and DHs time!!! Oh well, at least I know now..

NatzCNL Tue 28-Jun-11 00:43:39

Glad you got it checked out. Im 27 weeks and on Saturday I suddenly noticed reduced movements, rang the hospital and went in to be monitored. I hadn't felt baby in almost 2 hours (very unusual for her as she is a real wriggler), and was in tears fearing the worst. I laid on the bed for the midwife to attach the monitor and baby gave her the biggest kick she has ever done!!! blush

After that she was kicking and wriggling for the whole 20 mins I was hooked up. But the kicks still didn't feel normal to me. Turns out she had spun in the night and was facing the other way in the transverse postition, so the kicks I would usually feel were being laid into the placenta instead.

Midwives were wonderful, and when I apologised for being silly, they very seriously told me to never brush aside my concerns and always contact them if there is a change in movement. They told me to come in as many times as necissary. Which I thought was very lovely of them, especailly as baby was obviously fine even before they began monitoring me!

Can never be too careful, and I have no doubt I will be down there a couple more times before baby makes an appearance smile x

RitaMorgan Tue 28-Jun-11 08:09:26

You did not waste their time! Monitoring movement is so important - check out the Count the Kicks campaign for reducing stillbirths.

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