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silverangel Mon 27-Jun-11 08:19:11

Ouch, started saturday but wasn't too bad, worse yesterday - hobbling around by the end of the evening and today even worse, haven't been able to go to work, the idea of the commute was not good. I think its sciatica, its a pinching pain that goes from top of my bum down, just on one side. Is there any point going to the gp or anything I can do to relieve it?

Am 26+3, twin pregnancy, and had been getting away quite lightly until now!

kri5ty Mon 27-Jun-11 08:27:08

could it be SPD hun?

I am only 16 weeks, and have a midwife ap wednesday as i get a pinching/burning/stinging sensation just aboive my coccyx and to the side, and if i walk more than 5 minutes it spreads across my lower back. if im sat down too long i can not straighten back up again for around 15 mins, and its very stiff x

Xiaoxiong Mon 27-Jun-11 08:54:26

I've seen quite a few threads with this subject recently and responded here and here.

Quick summary: yes, sounds like sciatica - yoga helps a lot, and your GP can give you advice on what to do - ask for a referral to an osteopath as well.

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