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What would you do:9 weeks, loss of symptoms, "spotting" 2 days ago

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hopefulgum Mon 27-Jun-11 01:36:26

One minute I am sure it is all over, the next I feel optimistic. I'm feeling a bit mad, but that's not unusual is it?

Background: In December I had a missed miscarriage at ten weeks. I'd had a scan at 8+1 and all looked well. I started spotting on Christmas day and it went from brown when I wiped to red bleeding in three days. I had a D&C (I think you call something else in the UK). I was devastated.

Now I'm 9+2. At 7+4 I had an ultrasound which showed baby on track and a heartbeat of 158. It should be reassuring, but I had a healthy baby at 8 weeks last time.

On Friday (8+6) I had brown mucus, so saw my dr who did an ultrasound. All looked well. She thought perhaps I had some cervical erosion. I was reassured. But since then, I had a little bit of pink mucus when I wiped on Sat afternoon. Since then, nothing but a little bit of brown in mucus. No actual spotting. But the thing is I've woken this morning and my nausea is gone. I still have breast tenderness. I did a pregnancy test and it was lighter than the ones I did at 6 weeks.

Should I be preparing myself for the worst? Should I see the doctor again? I feel like I'm just being paranoid, and on the other hand, if it is going to happen, there's nothing I can do.

What would you do?

pregnantmimi Mon 27-Jun-11 02:41:33

go doctors in the morning get a scan dont worry about being paranoid I had to have 3 emergency scans for bleeding.

hopefulgum Mon 27-Jun-11 02:43:03

Thanks for your response. I've just had a shower and now feel a bit sick again. I'm thinking I might see how I feel today and make a decision later in the day.

cloudydays Mon 27-Jun-11 02:53:08

Hi hopeful - I had spotting (brown and pink, like yours) around this time, and I also never had any symptoms in early pregnancy. I was terrified going for my scan at 12 weeks but all was well and, thank God, continues to be well with the now-almost-2-year-old asleep upstairs.

All pregnancies are different, of course, and I know that my experience doesn't mean anything about yours, but I remember when I started spotting, I was googling for all I was worth, and every positive story helped the panic subside a bit smile

Regarding the loss of symptoms (though I see you're a little sick again - bet you never felt so glad to be nauseous!), it is very possible that you are simply through the worst of your first-trimester symptoms.

I'm so sorry about your previous miscarriage. It must have been so tough on you, and I think that with that history you are better off getting scanned if you're at all worried, not because it's likely that something is wrong, but because you're bound to drive yourself crazy with worry if you don't know.

Best of luck to you.

Wormshuffler Mon 27-Jun-11 06:01:05

Could you get your hcg levels checked to see if they are doubling correctly?

Hormoneoverload Mon 27-Jun-11 06:39:24

I would try not to worry on the basis that either spotting or loss of symptoms do happen, but get another scan to reassure you.

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