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Painful bottoms of feet overnight

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PinkFondantFancy Sun 26-Jun-11 09:33:53

I am 26 weeks and have noticed when I go to the loo at night the bottoms of my feet are really sore and burning, like I've been dancing in high heels all night. My feet don't look particularly swollen though. Does anyone else have this?

dizzy77 Sun 26-Jun-11 09:59:32

I had this - and (TMI alert) put it down to needing to see the chiropodist and getting the hard skin sorted out: I couldn't tell you whether it was pg related or not as I usually get them done spring (pre-sandals) & autumn (post-flipflops). I finally got them sorted, at 37 weeks, by which point lots of other things were bothering me overnight so I didn't notice whether it helped or not! Sorry if this isn't terribly helpful...

JimmyChoo17 Sun 26-Jun-11 20:10:46

I get something similar with the heels of my idea's like my shoes have been too tight.....however I had been in flip flops or barefoot!

Will be watching with interest for a medical response to this!

Got a feet fish nibbling session lined up soon...wonder if that will help smile

slug Sun 26-Jun-11 20:30:19

It's probably something like mild plantar faciatius. What happens is during the night, when you are lying down, the tendon that runs under your foot and up through the heel swells slightly. The hole the tendon goes through is small, so if there's any swelling it is felt as pain in the underside of your feet. You may notice it in the morning and find it goes after a while as you flex your feet and warm up the muscles.

Try wearing cushioned soles. Thin flip flops and sandals are a no no though I know of several fellow sufferers who swear by fit flops. I have suffered off and on with this for years, the result of several sporting injuries and found it got worse during pregnancy with the extra weight, fluid and general tendon weirdness that goes on. You may also find the hot weather does not help.

goodnightmoon Mon 27-Jun-11 09:10:14

yes sounds like plantars fascitis too me. try doing stretches of the back of your calves - either a lunge where you hold the wall or something else in the front and extend one leg straight back, or a heel dip on a stair (lower heel below sole of foot on the stair). Pregnany definitely exacerbates/prompts this with the extra weight. I was pretty much fine after birth but had to be careful when carrying baby in a sling too.

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