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crazy lady wanting sex all the time.. myth or not?

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needsanswers Sun 26-Jun-11 02:30:05

hi there, 16weeks preg with 2nd child, and just cant get enough, i get these sudden urges kind of like a craving, of just wanting to have sex lol.. before having my daughter (currently 3) i hurd of all the stories of pregnant women wanting sex all the time, but when preg with my daughter that was absolutely the last thing on mind.. so i kind of figured it was one of the myths of pregnancy like having the glow etc although i hear some people do get the 'glow' all i seem to get is more and more pimples everyday! so really my question is have any of u been or going through the same thing, i feel like a cray maniac, wanting it morning, noon and night for the last week, my partners is rather enjoying it at the moment because, with both of us working and having a 3yr old our sex life wasnt what it use to be... now im afraid hes going to get sick of it if i dont calm the hell down lol

dowelly2k Sun 26-Jun-11 02:39:41

I couldnt get enough of it when i was pregnant because it felt better! Dont know if this was due to hormones or blood flow but my husband wasn't complaining, though he is now that the child is born! lol!

theonlyhb2 Sun 26-Jun-11 10:30:38

make the most of it - i was like this up to about 24 weeks and it got uncomfortable and by the time you get pelvic pain like I did at 30 weeks, you cant open your legs!

Mum2be79 Sun 26-Jun-11 13:45:38

Feeling the same. DH loves it! I was a bit apprehensive during the first few weeks but now I'm 12 weeks + 6 days and 'done it' a few times without any problems, I'm feeling rather horny! lol!

Pumpernickel10 Sun 26-Jun-11 15:21:08

I was the same I was really horny much to DH delight I couldn't get enough of him.

PotteringAlong Sun 26-Jun-11 17:46:29

Yup blush

NatzCNL Sun 26-Jun-11 18:09:33

First two pregnancies I was constantly jumping DP the second he walked in through the door, even waking him up in the middle of the night. Am now 27 weeks pregnant with DC3, but have hardly any sex drive this time around, however, when Im in the mood, I need to have him there and then...! blush

Just enjoy yourself, your energy will soon be minimal once little one arrives

TimeWasting Sun 26-Jun-11 18:12:39

Not a myth. grin

PotteringAlong Sun 26-Jun-11 18:13:17

Glad it's not just me smile

needsanswers Sun 26-Jun-11 23:15:41

lol thanks for your input ladies i started to feel a bit like a crazy person smile

Awomancalledhorse Mon 27-Jun-11 01:26:33

DH isn't so keen with me. But that is due to all the horror stories I've told him about mucus plugs grin.

H007 Mon 27-Jun-11 10:30:36

Lucky you and lucky your OH I cannot even handle the idea of being touched let alone sex.... I feel really sorry for my OH.

Renaissance227 Mon 27-Jun-11 10:57:31

I can't get enough either but my DP is starting to struggle to keep up!!!

Catsycat Mon 27-Jun-11 16:54:04

DH couldn't take the pace with my first pregnancy. Second time round he was ready for it! It's not just you! wink

needsanswers Mon 27-Jun-11 23:05:57

lol Awomancalledhorse. Renaissance227 i think my partner is feeling the same way! another myth someone mentioned to me was when preg with girls your less likely to want sex but being preg with boys is when you want it all the time?? was that true for anyone?

BikeRunSki Mon 27-Jun-11 23:18:05

God no, I go off sex from the second I've coonceived for about a year!

NatzCNL Tue 28-Jun-11 00:06:43

Im carrying my 3rd girl, and sex drive was off the chart with the first two, but nearly non-existant this time around. So think that myth is just a myth... x

georgie22 Tue 28-Jun-11 00:22:03

I was horny as hell throughout my pregnancy with dd but unfortunately dh was terrified of doing any 'damage' to his tiny child so wouldn't oblige. I attempted to persuade him and told him all would be fine but couldn't change his mind. It drove me mad! Luckily he's fine again now dd's here and back to his usual self - I'm too knackered most of the time and could do with a bit of that horny girl back!!

SoloIsAHotCougar Tue 28-Jun-11 01:11:12

Not with my first Dc, but with my second Dc yes!!! but didn't get any. Practically wanted to drag anyone in off the street it was so bad blush

SoloIsAHotCougar Tue 28-Jun-11 01:12:29

Oh and my first was a boy, second a girl, so that knocks that theory off the table!

Dorje Tue 28-Jun-11 01:15:01

Ha ha ha needanswers - where do you think the 'glow' comes from! blush

Seriously, just wait till you get the orgasm dreams! No help needed....

I kindof miss being pregnant grin blush

needsanswers Tue 28-Jun-11 02:43:03

lmao you ladies make my day!!! lol dorje love that comment.
georgie22 if dh started telling me no because of damage to the baby there would be some serious trouble lol then i might actually have to start dragginf people off the street, i even now have him coming home in his lunch break bringing me my craving od sausage rolls and shall we call it dessert lmao (daughter and kindergarten for a few hours) lol dammit i was hoping the myth might of been correct im hoping for a boy lol will find out in a few weeks tho. i think dh better make the most of it, i can practically guarantee when bby arrives and having a 3year old this horny girl would of dissapeared COMPLETELY! harsh but no doubt it will be true lol

Dorje Wed 29-Jun-11 01:31:24

Enjoy your pregnancy - and you never know!! You might just find that your DH doesn't magically transform into a hideous beast when your beautiful baby arrives.

Have fun - I had an orgasmic labour as well, it was really intense in a good blush way, so fingers crosses for you..

ToscanaBambina Wed 29-Jun-11 01:41:31

Both times, 2nd trimester. Have lots of fun grin

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