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Music vibrations in pregnancy

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poppy24 Sun 26-Jun-11 01:15:53

Hey all,

I am 19 weeks and going to a few festivals and have been to a few gigs - is there any information out there about loud music vibrations and if its harmful to the baby?

tallwivglasses Sun 26-Jun-11 01:25:20

Good question. Sorry I have no idea, I'd be interested to know too.

Congratulations smile

vallinnapod Sun 26-Jun-11 07:52:31

Mine seems to have survived a trip to Glee last night wink blush Half way though I did have a similar thought about the vibrations.

He was quite quite throughout the concert and as a result as been wriggling like a good 'un this morning!

Just take loads of water on board, don't get too hot etc. All the usual. Try and take fold up chair or something similar as we had seats last night but getting up for a quick dance was still knackering!

30 weeks here, BTW.

MamaChoo Sun 26-Jun-11 08:00:46

Val - mine was going crazy at Glee yesterday! Taking your bump to huge gigs at the O2 and Wembley is just the same as gently playing it classical music, right?

YBR Sun 26-Jun-11 09:20:41

I was reading that quite early on a baby can hear - first the mum's heartbeat, then stuff outside as well. It was making me wonder as I play violin and guitar, how much the bump can hear yet ... (14 weeks)

Not heard anything about harmful noise levels, but if I find noise levels painful I retreat anyway, that might be a good place to start?

vallinnapod Sun 26-Jun-11 14:11:40

Oh yeah MamaChoo we improved our future children's intelligence no end last night wink

allthefires Sun 26-Jun-11 16:23:22

I bloody hope so I'm off to a gig tomorrow!

H007 Sun 26-Jun-11 16:48:51

My bump has been to Take That and Kings of Leon so far and this week off to Mumford & Sons. So am hoping bump likes music!

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