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nuchal fold scanning - any Edinburgh people about?

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TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sat 25-Jun-11 23:28:51

Sorry for not posting this in Mumsnet Local, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic there.

When I had DD 2 years ago, nuchal fold assessment wasn't part of the standard scan, and as 20 week anomaly scans weren't standard then either, we went for a private nuchal scan. When we had an NHS scan, the sonographer did measure the nuchal fold and told us it looked fine, but she had previously worked at the Fetal Medicine Centre and we were just lucky that it was her that was doing the scan (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it - could have saved ourselves some serious moolah if we'd not gone for the private one!).

I know that 20 week scans are now standard but wondered if the NHS scans also assess the nuchal fold thickness now?

Cheers in advance!

tenderheart Sun 26-Jun-11 09:31:37

Yes! I am in Edinburgh (ish!) but will go to St John's as it is closer for me than the Royal but both definitely do the NTS. When I called she said they like to get you in at around 12 weeks. How far on are you?

boba82 Sun 26-Jun-11 10:09:57

I'm 29 weeks & am going to ERI. We were given NTS at 12 week scan along with blood test and a 20 week anomaly scan.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 26-Jun-11 14:28:00

Perfect - cheers girls! I'm 5+6. Off to see my GP this week. Pretty nervous as I had a MC in February and lost my symptoms last week, although they seem to be returning. Just want to see my wee bean!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 26-Jun-11 14:29:52

12 weeks is better than I'd been hoping for. My NHS dating scan with DD was 14 weeks, and I'd heard rumours that the system was struggling with the introduction of the anomaly scan and that dating s and were even later now. Sounds like things have settled down a bit.

flamegirl77 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:12:01

I had my dating scan at 11+4 if I remember rightly and had the nuchal fold and bloods at the same time. That was at ERI in February. Congratulations and good luck!

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