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Nausea and extreme tiredness at 26 weeks

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shufflebum Sat 25-Jun-11 20:56:14

Is this a normal 3rd trimester symptom? I feel far worse than I did in early pregnancy almost as though I have flu or a virus (I do have a cold at the moment) and am really struggling. Thankfully DH is doing the bulk of the work with DS as I can't face it but I'm dreading him being at work on Monday.

Bartimaeus Sat 25-Jun-11 21:04:36

Don't know about "normal" but I'm 26 weeks and for the last week I've been feeling sick mornings and evenings. I was very sick up until 16 weeks though and thought that part was over!

No extreme tiredness for me though, but that could be due to my sleeping 10 hours a day at the moment...

PinkFondantFancy Sat 25-Jun-11 21:07:10

Same here - am 26 weeks and have been signed off work for the last couple of weeks because I am completely exhausted. Feeling the same as you I think, wiped out, like you're recovering from a virus or something. I've also started retching in the mornings again....

shufflebum Sat 25-Jun-11 21:08:18

I think I'm just a bit jittery as DS was born at 36 weeks after feeling a bit like this. No other reasons to think I might be going into labour though, just feeling awful and very sorry for myself!

shufflebum Sat 25-Jun-11 21:19:14

I'm self employed so no work=no money unfortunately! Yep have the retching too and the complete indecision over what to eat. Think I might get the mw to take some blood on Monday just in case, I was borderline anaemic and have been on an iron supplement so should be okay but better to be safe than sorry.

MissusTulip Sat 25-Jun-11 22:36:06

Dunno if it is a normal 3rd trimester thing - only 22 weeks and have this too, morning (yeah wish it was just morning) sickness did go at 16 weeks but nausea / vomming back over last 2-3 weeks, along wth extreme tiredness. shufflebum is it a chicken n egg thing for you - more tired = more nausea? I find that in general sad so hopefully the extra help from DH will help you get some rest.

Just got bloods done, GP requested thyroid function as well as looking for anaemia, might be another idea to run past your midwife?

shufflebum Sun 26-Jun-11 07:57:52

I will ask for that as well Missus. Hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

shufflebum Sun 26-Jun-11 16:31:20

Also got bad diarrhea now so think I might phone my midwife, just don't want to time waste if it's normal. Baby is kicking away so he's fine but just can't eat or drink anything and have slept for 5 hours today on top of 10 hours last night. (love my DH!)

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