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Anyone know or had this??

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shellmc Fri 24-Jun-11 22:15:54

I am currently around 12 DPO.
LAst night after me and DH had sex, i noticed when cleaning myself up, well wiping my ladybits Sorry TMI! I had 2-3 very small balls of Clear like jelly bits ??? Anyone had this or know what it could be, it was different to what iv been experiencing past week or soo, i had a lot of thickish creamy discharge since 7 DPO untill then. Is it likley to have come from ....up there??
Or in Dh Cum??
Thankyou Anyone help me out??

PoppysMom Mon 27-Jun-11 06:33:18

It's the ejaculate from your DH. Pefectly normal and nothing to worry about

girlfromdownsouth Mon 27-Jun-11 14:27:54

It sounds more to me like it could be the clear, egg-whiteish jelly-like fluid that indicates this is your fertile time. It comes after the creamy discharge. You are only fertile about 3 days per month and it is always indicated by clear, egg-white like discharge. I swear by this and managed to fall pg 3 times no problem using this method.

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