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Anyone for a 'not at Glastonbury this year because I'm too pregnant' moan?

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cara2244 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:18:05

I'm actually not as gutted as I thought I would be as, at 36 weeks, I realise I couldn't have hacked it! Sleeping in a king size bed with 5 pillows and a dreamgenii isn't that comfy....imagine a tent!

I had tickets and had to return them sad Friends who we booked with are there.
A friend, who's never been, sent me a message saying that a baby is much better than any festival...I nearly sent back 'really?' Then realised it was late pregnancy grumpiness and blaseness!!

Anyone else?

scarlettsmummy2 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:20:36

no, but I can honestly think of nothing worse that being in a tent in the mud, if that makes you feel any better!! much better to be in a warm and comfy house and watching it on TV with a giant bag of crisps and tub of ben and jerries!

theonlyhb2 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:25:28

OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!

but also like you, I couldn't have coped! I have had HG, now got SPD, always so bloody knackered, climbing the stairs is like climbing Scafell Pike so I wouldn't have made it from the car park to the gate!

I am laughing though, every time I go its sunny smile I would not be coping at all, pregnant or not, in the mud and rain.

I had a ticket, and I sold it when it arrived, making £70 smile so that made me feel a bit better.

And no, I am not beyond texting my friends that are there "oh my bed is SO comfy and warm and dry" ha ha ha ha ha

Also (whilst I am on one now) I didnt think the line up was as good this year. Now I am gutted to miss Radiohead, if Pulp turn up I may cry, and would have been awesome to be raving to Chemical Brothers but it was never going to top (for me) last year with Snoop & Candi Staton.

cara2244 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:53:33

Last year was my first ever dry and sunny year and it was amazing! We took our 18 month old too so it was a good intro to glasto with kids. The next one, I will have a 2 and 4 year old....eeek!

About to watch u2. At least this way we can actually see the band and I can go to the loo whenever I please!!

PrettyVacant1 Fri 24-Jun-11 23:48:34

I'll join you! I'm not even watching it on the telly. [BratEmoticon]
Although,no, I don't know what we are talking about are all mistaken, there is no Glasto this year. sadgringrin
And James, the one band I've been waiting to see are,not there either.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teeny bit smug that it's pissing down but I went the year the were rivers and still had a ball.
Wasn't 31 weeks though.
DP will not be pleased he's missed them, again.

Shite headliners though.

sunshineoutdoors Sat 25-Jun-11 06:36:19

Watched BB King and a bit of Morrissey last night in front of the telly feeling very fed up and pregnant with back and rib pain, in my pjs with a non-alcoholic beer. It was quite depressing! DH and I are planning when we might be able to go next... 2013, 2014, 2015? Seems so far away but I guess you have to make sacrifices!

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