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Shettles method- does it work? Or just for 50% of you?

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Reallly Fri 24-Jun-11 12:53:11

Don't know whether to be cynical about it or not! DTD about 36 hours before ovulating and hoping for a girl as already have DS, now scared that I might not even be pregnant because I may have been too early for mini swimmers to make it thru the cervix!

Am 9DPO and got BFN- am sooo impatient to find out! Early mc last month at 5+3 weeks so v keen to be in the club! Had cramps that lasted 3 days from 5-8dpo. Boobs maybe feeling full but no achiness yet. Anyone else have success with getting a girl this way? Or anyone find that they just couldn't get pregnant by DTD so early?

DS was conceived on honeymoon and we were SWOI every day so might have hit ovulation bang on so could atribute to Shettles method or could have just been 50/50 chance.

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