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hellokitty04 Fri 24-Jun-11 11:28:50

hi i am a new mum to be and was very excited til i had my 3rd and 4th scan this week , im 20 weeks and have just been told that we are having a baby girl she is very healthy with no signs of downs or anything else , but she is not growing as well as she should be and so i have been put on aspirin to help get food to her incase its the placenta that is not working , but if that does not work then we have to consider amniocentesis which i have been reading up on and the risk of a miscarriage with it which has now left me feeling totall unsure whether to take the risk seeing as our very precious baby means the world to us and me and my hubby dont want to risk losing her PLEASE HELP !! as i feel like i dont know what to do for the best .

sodthehousework Fri 24-Jun-11 12:06:12

sorry don't have personal experience of this but have a friend who had an amnio in both pregnancies and had no problems afterwards and just had to rest for a few days. It is entirely your decision whether to have an amnio or not (which probably makes it more difficult!). Is there any other test they can do which is less invasive that might help? Hopefully the aspirin will do the trick. Good luck!

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