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Molar pregnancy/placental lakes

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charitymum Thu 23-Jun-11 23:20:48

Went for scan today and songrapher could not find sac and said I hAd lots of cysts that looked like could be a molar pregnancy.

Met registrar who said they would do HCG checks to see if molar.

Got referred to consultant who rescanned, found a fetal sac and said the cysts were in fact placental lakes. Said lakes were many but scan was otherwise normal for five weeks pregnant. No embryo could be seen yet so have to go back in 4 weeks. She said no to HCG checks.

Been roller coaster week as only found out pregnant two days ago and have four month old and original early assessment from midwife was that I was twelve weeks. Went today expecting neuchal fold test.

Feeling bit all over place and not sure if I am having normal pregnancy or risk or molar one or if placental lakes matter. Anyone experienced any of this?

bebemoose Fri 24-Jun-11 00:52:56

I am a sonographer and I think you should ask to have an earlier scan. If you have 'cysts' in your womb then it would likely be either a molar pregnancy or a missed miscarriage (where the pregnancy failed some time ago and is breaking down into fluid pockets). The placenta at 5 weeks is still developing, is very small and not seen on ultrasound. There certainly would not be any placental lakes at this stage. The fetus at 5 weeks is tiny and may or may not be seen. It would be appropriate to have a further scan in 10 days time (no less) when enough time should have elapsed to allow the fetus to become visible (especially if a transvaginal scan is done). I would definitely try to get seen earlier if at all possible. Please let us know how you get on.

charitymum Fri 24-Jun-11 06:09:48

Thanks bebemoose. The sonographer did external scan and consultant internal. The consultant seemed very sure and said at worst it could be partial molar pregnancy but that there was no evidence of that and that cysts were not cysts. Womb lining was very thick. How can they get such different results?

bebemoose Fri 24-Jun-11 10:54:55

The view from an internal scan can be very different to that of an external one because it gives a more detailed view. I suppose it's difficult to comment on the scan when I haven't actually seen it. I still wonder what exactly she has seen as there would not be placental lakes at 5 weeks, and if they are not cysts then what are they? Its up to you whether you want to wait 4 weeks but you won't have to worry for an extra couple of weeks if an earlier scan is normal. Do you have an early pregnancy unit in your hospital? If so, maybe you could give them a ring and talk it over with them as they will have a lot of experience of scanning in early pregnancy, even if they can't do the scan for you? Hope it all goes OK.

charitymum Fri 24-Jun-11 11:35:59

Thanks so much. My instincts were not to wait and you confirmed it for me. If it is molar it needs addressing soon as possible. I have not had the other symptoms of molar pregnancy yet but know that no guarantee. Trying the lon haul now of finding someone to rescan.

charitymum Fri 24-Jun-11 17:28:36

Just to say started bleeding this pm. They going to do scan next week to check everything is out. I assume if a partial molar u/s would show up any remaining tissue?

malteser1981 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:56:18

It would, if you pass any 'products' (sorry to use that term) I would take them in to be sent to histology as this is the gold standard for identifying molar pregnancies. If they suspect RPOC following scan they may offer ERPC, and again, would send samples for histology. They could also suggest serial beta Hcg blood tests, in a molar pregnancy the levels are usually much higher and if any tissue remained they levels would remain elevated. HTH. Good luck and best wishes.

MummyAbroad Sat 25-Jun-11 15:33:10

I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy and found this site extremely useful -

it is sometimes read and monitored by doctors who work at the specialist molar unit at charing cross hospital which co-ordinates care of molar pregnancies across the country. There are contact numbers there too.

I agree that you should try to get this confirmed/ruled out as soon as possible, and insist on further scans + HCG monitoring.

Hope you are OK, I remember it was very scary finding out about all this xxx

MummyAbroad Sat 25-Jun-11 15:35:50

sorry didnt link properly the first time

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