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Transverse baby

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witches Thu 23-Jun-11 14:15:25

anyone know much about this? Midwives seen to be having great difficulty locating baby throughout pregnancy and today in notes wrote tranverse? So still dont seem sure. Anyway im 35weeks and baby seems quite big did yourbaby turn after this point or were you looking at a c section?

elseIlltellyourfather Thu 23-Jun-11 15:10:30

Hi, mine was transverse for ages, was offered ECV if he/she didn't turn. Went oblique at about 37 weeks, and is now head down and fine (though back to back) at 40+1 so try not to worry, can def move at this stage! I was sick when mine turned head down though as my stomach got squashed/kicked out of the way.

Honestly, this baby has been nothing but trouble. smile

Good luck with your blighter, at least transverse is quite a comfy position for mum, lots of stomach room!

witches Thu 23-Jun-11 17:45:25

lol i know what you mean one thing after another, it almost makes me feel foolish enough to think it will be easier when its out - but im not that daft!wink

People have been asking about feeling it kick ribs etc and its def nowhere near there but been quite low throughout just need to wait and see i suppose. With Spd getting worse by day an early section aint sounding so bad. Hope your waiting game is not so too bad!

Catslikehats Thu 23-Jun-11 17:47:28

My DC1 was tranverse until I went into labour at 36+1. You still have plenty of time smile

EvilTwins Thu 23-Jun-11 17:49:06

One of my twins was transverse. The other was breech - awkward madams! Nothing comfortable about it though - she was stuck under my ribs which was horrible, and meant that she got "stuck" during my c-section so I lost lots of blood. That's probably a twin thing though - no room for her to turn as her sister was in the way.

If they recommend a section, I'd go for it it I were you.

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