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mummy22gorgeousboys Thu 23-Jun-11 13:25:54

I am feeling sooo fed up!!

My first pregnancy was text book - slight morning sickness, bloomed throughout pregnancy, small neat bump, loads of energy, no niggles or common pregnancy complaints, straight forward birth, healthy baby. Very lucky me wink

Now I don't know if it's just the fact that now I am 5 years older and have a little whirlwind to look after this time but I am now fed up!

I had horrendous sickness and exhaustion at the beginning of pregnancy, I actually lost 10lbs! Had complications at the beginning of pregnancy, I've been eating my own weight in olives, beetroot, pepsi and pickles, much to my husbands distress! Had high blood pressure, headaches, spd, swollen feet and hands, greasy hair, spots then dry skin, no energy at all, baby is still back to back so I'm worried about forceps etc in labour and to top it off I now have pilesshock

I am 40 weeks preg today and reached my limit of how much of the niggly bad points of pregnancy I'm willing to take quietly!! I also want a bottle of the old pinot grigio, some sushi and pate.

Anyone feeling like me?

Crosshair Thu 23-Jun-11 13:33:56

No, but sushi is fine in pregnancy.

lolajane2009 Thu 23-Jun-11 14:05:55

the wine should be fine in moderation too tbh.

Boosaphena Thu 23-Jun-11 16:32:15

Urgh it's crap isn't it. I'm on dc3 and pretty much had consistently crap pregnancies. It's so bloody irritating when you feel you should be blooming.
Just think within 2 weeks it will defo be over. You can have a lovely blissful moment of looking at beautiful baby with vino in hand and sushi in tummy... Ok so it won't last and you'll be surrounded by washing, but none of that will matter.
Hope it kicks off quickly for you

redexpat Fri 24-Jun-11 13:30:52

Oh dear. you do sound fed up. Sympathy coming your way.

pantsandpup Fri 24-Jun-11 14:15:02

My first was back to back and forceps, but dd (my 3rd) was back to back and the mw said I'd have no probs delivering naturally. Was even booked into our mw led unit. She turned at 40+5 and born naturally and the right way round at 40+10.

The last bit is rubbish, but you're nearly there!!!

I'm only 14 weeks and really feeling the difference 5 years is feeling, so I sympathise.

moomsy Fri 24-Jun-11 17:18:33

This is my 1st, I am 30 years old and 29 weeks and healthy. Didn't have any sickness but I haven't had a decent's night sleep since APRIL!

I am shattered!

Reasons for it: Perpetual indigestion & reflux. I find I have to have dinner at 5pm so reflux isn't as bad. My diet consists of rennies!

I also get pain in my ribs and tummy muscles so I am having to constantly toss and turn during the night .. and whenever I do so I wake up.

Blooming?!! My skin looks horrid.. I am prone to hyperpigmentation anyway so I am getting all sorts or freckles and spots on my cheek bones.

I cannot wait for the baby to come! At least my lack of sleep with be for a for meaninful purpose sad

Eviepoo Fri 24-Jun-11 17:47:07

LOL mummy22gorgeousboys you sound like me only difference is my DD1 is 11.5 now so a much bigger gap (my mums explanation for why I am finding it so hard is that I am MUCH older lol)

and also this little one is lying just fine - thankfully

but yes 6 months of no sleep, sickness and reflux all the way through, horrific oedema, carpal tunnel, hiugh glucose and a large bump has contributed to the niggles - can't wait til august

I guess every PG is different we were just not so lucky this time. All I keep trying to remember is - there are women that have had it worse than me and survived so I can do it.

hang in there

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