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Moving to a new area at 10 weeks

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twittergirl Thu 23-Jun-11 12:49:15

Hi all,

I am 5 weeks pregnant and due to move to a new area when I will be roughly 10 weeks. I spoke to my current GP this morning and he said that for funding reasons he cannot refer me to the maternity services in my new area. He recommended that I speak to a GP in my new area before we move and ask them to refer me (even though I haven't moved yet and so I'm not yet registered with them!).

I rang them and am waiting for them to get back to me but has anyone else ever been in a situation like this? Seems really unlikely that they will refer when I'm not their patient yet and I'm getting really worried about missing my booking in appointment and my 12 week scan. I can't be the first woman to move in early pregnancy and I'm surprised this is so complicated. I thought my GP would just refer me and that would be that.

MissMI5 Thu 23-Jun-11 14:39:25

Hello! I am not sure you can do it but where I live there is no need for the GP to refer you, you can self-refer like I did. I went over to the ante-natal clinic at my nearest hospital and registered myself. They gave me my 12 week scan appointment there and a midwife got in touch virtually the next day.
If I were you, I would phone the ante-natal clinic/hospital in your new area and see what they say, mention that you are worried that you miss your 12 week scan etc...
good luck! x

MovingAndScared Thu 23-Jun-11 14:58:47

yes best to ring the hosptial/ante natal until and ask -do you have some kind of proof that you will definatelty be moving then that might be helpful
and booking in appointments in my area were not till 10 weeks anyway - and 12 week scan time was given out then as well

twittergirl Thu 23-Jun-11 16:57:08

Thanks both. I did as you suggested and rang the hospital in my new area. They were very nice and understood the problem completely but they do need a referral from my GP and said there was no reason for him to refuse me this morning ...grrrrr.

So I will be calling my GP back tomorrow and making them do the referral. Thanks v much for the advice.

kri5ty Mon 27-Jun-11 08:13:16

hey twitter... i had the same problem!!

I have just been referred now... if you are still in the area go back to your GP... It is your choice where you have baby, and they have to refer you if you ask.. Explian you have spoken to the hospital and they said that the GP needs to do it..

Dont worry if you do not get it sorted straight away though, i had my 12 week scan at old hospital, and i have only just got an appointment through now for my new one (as i had to do a lot of chasing my GP, as they said like yours, they could not refer me) In the end i joined a new docs, and they did it for me, and i had a new app in 3 days :-) im now 16 weeks x

stoatie Mon 27-Jun-11 11:11:10

Or try (think you have) contacting the GP practice you are moving to. All areas operate different systems!! but where I am, the CMW would be able to arrange booking appt and scan providing you have have address etc and are going to be accepted at practice. Hope your GP is a bit more accommodating tomorrow (is there just one GP or can you see different one!)

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