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Nausea returning at 24wks pregnant?

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icravecheese Thu 23-Jun-11 11:53:52

Has anyone else experienced this? All my MS seemed to disappear around 13 wks this time, but it now appears to have returned! I feel like I've had a massive growth spurt in bump size the past few weeks, plus am exhausted from my 2 DC both waking at night at mo due to colds.... so not sure if tiredness / growth spurt has contributed to it....?

Bubalie Thu 23-Jun-11 13:48:25

I had a bad morning sickness until about 18 weeks (no actual puking but just nauseous day and night). I am now 24+5 and it has returned in the past couple of weeks but not as bad. I seem to get it in the morning now and struggle with my breakfast and until about 11am and then in the afternoon I seem to be ok and can eat normally. I have read before that it can come back, so hopefully it will subside again. Good luck!

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