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symptoms fading at 9+3

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BellasYummyMummy Thu 23-Jun-11 10:59:55

I havent had morning sickness too badly, but I've definitely noticed it has been waning over the last few days. Does the placenta start taking over around this time which causes this to happen? Or do I need to be worried? My first pregnancy I lost all symptoms at 8 weeks and turned out to be a MMC at 12 weeks. I've since had two beautiful girls. We heard the babies heartbeat on the doppler the night before last, just wondering if I can start looking forward to feeling better!

LadyGoneGaga Thu 23-Jun-11 13:40:24

Could well be the placenta taking over at this point. I think similar happened to me and I was crapping myself due to having had previous mc at 7 weeks. But hearing the heartbeat is a great sign. If you are really anxious then think about booking a private scan. We had one and it really helped me to know bean was ok in there. Am 35 weeks by the way now so all was fine!

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