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Tailbone pain anyone?

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fulllife Thu 23-Jun-11 09:12:08

Hi, I'm getting towards the end,thank god(36), had a painful flat foot I couldn't step on for three weeks and thought that was he'll but now my body has discovered something new that I didn't even know was a thing: tailbone pain! Woke up one morning and couldn't walk anymore for the excruciating pain between the hips, lying down is not a solution also ( hardly get any sleep) and sitting over long periods of time is also painful especially when I'm not straight. Fun extra: the pain travels up to my head and I can hardly think straight. Anyone has any ideas what to do? Anyone had this? How long does it last?

Xiaoxiong Thu 23-Jun-11 09:40:04

This sounds similar to what I've been getting occasionally, which the midwife said was probably sciatica. It seems to hover around my tailbone, sometimes over to the right, and often goes down my leg and makes my toes numb (like when your foot goes dead before you get pins and needles).

I've got a referral to an osteopath which I haven't had to use yet, but these things have helped for me so far:
- getting on all fours and circling my hips, slowly increasing the circles until I'm going from nearly kneeling to stretching all the way forward (child's pose almost into plank, if you do any yoga)
- pigeon pose (another yoga one) - see here: - but instead of sitting up, bend down as far as you can with your hands in front of you on the floor. I can't get my leg anywhere near as far forward as in that picture but it still helps stretch out my hip
- having a warm bath and then having DH rub in circles right at the tops of my bumcheeks

Sorry I can't help as to how long it lasts - mine is still very much here! The midwife thought it would probably go after pregnancy but didn't guarantee it sad

Xiaoxiong Thu 23-Jun-11 09:40:23
link fixed

fulllife Thu 23-Jun-11 09:47:16

Wow, I didn't sign up for this!thanks for the tips I'll try those postures...

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