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In pain, can't sleep, what can it be?

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Catsu Thu 23-Jun-11 02:21:07

Am 32 weeks. Have been suffering from spd and have seen the physio a couple of times which helped, last time was Monday.
However now the pain in my pubic area is worsening a lot. I can't sleep af all it's so bad tonight. I am sitting here with an ice pack.
It feels like a stabbing constant pain right where I'd imagine my cervix is, rather than the pain on the pubic bone that I was mostly feeling before.
Could it be something else as well as spd? Possibly uti, even though I have no other symptoms of uti? Or can you get infections elsewhere like uterus or cervix?
I have a mw appt late tomorrow, is if best to speak to her about it or should I make s gp appt in the morning too?
Please advise, am in lots of pain!

theonlyhb2 Thu 23-Jun-11 08:38:34

think it all spd related sad feels like i been kicked in the fanny a lot recently. See your midwife.

I been taking co-codamal at night and its helped a lot with the pain and slept better too

emoo777 Thu 23-Jun-11 09:22:00

Although I didn't have spd, I had those pains in my first pregnancy. It was stabbing pains in my cervix, particularly whilst walking along, to the extent that it totally stopped me in my tracks. It turned out to be the head engaging and moving downwards, putting pressure on my cervix. It might be this, but I would definately see a doctor / midwife to make sure nothing else is going on. Hope you get better soon.

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