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is this normal at 8w 4d?

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mumtobe123 Wed 22-Jun-11 16:42:36

hi everyone again,

i swear i can feel myuterus or whatever alrady, easier when i am standing, not so much laying down, and i notice myself that im already sticking out but my partner says not, but he can feel the solid bitlow down too, and it was never there until about 8weeks...just freaking out coz i got a new job and they dont know yet and dont want to tell them for as long as poss.
this is 1st pregnancy.

also any tips on bladder control? i had a bladder the size of a pea before this and am losing control!

thanks, take care everyone,


ShowOfHands Wed 22-Jun-11 16:45:49

It's possible. I showed v early with dd and my uterus was palpable much earlier than it should have been. The midwife feared twins but I just have a v shallow pelvis, am short anyway and was very slim so it was noticeable. I just wore looser clothing.

I'd ask a gp about the bladder thing. It's common to wee more in the first trimester but it's hormonal I think, not physical. Have you ever found out why you wee a lot? You could have a hyperactive or underdeveloped bladder?

mumtobe123 Wed 22-Jun-11 16:52:28

no i always have since a child but it has got better as i have got older and i do drink alot more than most people! i was worrying about twins as cant afford 1 let alone 2! i am 5ft 5 1/2 and about 9 1/2 stne? i never get them to converrt the kilograms over as i dont wanna know! i reckon i will talk to the mw about bladder.

thankyou for the quick reply smile

monkeymamma Wed 22-Jun-11 20:03:46

argh mumtobe123 you sound a lot like me with the weeing! I have always drunk a lot more water than anyone else (especially my DH who hardly ever drinks liquids and thinks I'm totally weird) and I wee LOADS (most long meetings at work I have to have at least one comfort break). Now I'm preggers (and almost the same as you - think I'm 8 weeks 5 days today!) it is even worse although it has improved a bit as the sicking up has got worse (LOL). My GP told me this is because the uterus is very low down at first and as it expands it squishes your bladder. Things get better towards 2nd trimester cos the uterus moves up towards the abdomen apparently. Then it all gets loads worse in 3rd tri cos the baby is bigger and pressing down on the bladder (something to look forward too)!
I swear I'm definitely sticking out in the tummy area but my DH thinks it's not noticeable. Along with the retching and doubled boob size I do think my colleagues may twig soon, but I'm trying to avert attention till I get to 12 weeks and can announce officially/present my maternity cover action plan :-)
My advice re work is wear lots of black/loose clothes to distract from growing shape and be unapologetic about frequent loo trips - not many people will associate with pregnancy, especially if you're new and they don't necessarily know what is usual or normal for you.
Hope this helps and you have a non-stressful start to your new job!

BellaCB Wed 22-Jun-11 21:02:15

Mumtobe123 - I am 10w today and I've definitely got a little bit of a 'bump' - well, like you say, it feels more solid and I'm sure I can feel my uterus much more. At the moment I'm passing it off as gas/bloating (I'm suffering from v bad nausea so that's slightly true at least!) but I have actually told everyone as we had a mix up with the dates and thought I was a month ahead that what I actually am.

Weirdly, though, I am amost exactly the same height/weight as you - 5'1" and 9 1/2 stone - maybe it's a short*rse thing?! I've always had a bit of sticky out tummy anyway...

mumtobe123 Wed 22-Jun-11 21:52:39

monkeymamma you must be due late jan like me! i have been sticking to black lose clothes and with work i just hope im not showing quickly at work because they'll realise im harbouring a mini baby, lucky its a nursery and you get 10%off if your staff grin i wish in england you get more scans! and dint have to wait forever!
and BellaCB i have heardi few people (been on google) saying they feel they showed early being 'short' because i suppose it cant expand up or has anywhere to go, where as if your naturally big it is covered, if your skinnny and tall you stay pretty lean i reckon, all my friends who are skinny have been late showers.
congrats on all your pregnancys and i hope they go smoothly and you have good scans and hope nausea fades away! and peeing gets better

take care x

BellaCB Thu 23-Jun-11 11:29:27

I like that theory - you're right, if you think about it the poor baby has very little place to go other that out! Congrats and good luck to you too x

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