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Sex position affecting gender of child?

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duffmansbitch Wed 22-Jun-11 14:36:53

Does the position you have sex in when you concieve affect the gender of your child?

Reality Wed 22-Jun-11 14:37:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShowOfHands Wed 22-Jun-11 14:38:16

I swung from a light fitting and 9 months later out popped a pigeon.

BooBearBoo Wed 22-Jun-11 14:56:16

Definitely. It means you can guarantee it will either be a boy or a girl.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 16:04:12

Hello there duffmansbitch.

No not at all, well iv never heard of it anyhow.
There are stories and old wives tales that man on top is best for conceiving a boy and girl on top favours a girl. But Hey there just old wives tales.

There will be many MN ladies who will share with you that its a 50/50 chance of whether your having a girl or boy, no matter what position, what day, what you eat, what you dont eat ect ect.

Hope this helps xx

nocake Wed 22-Jun-11 16:26:06

There is some evidence (albeit not well tested evidence) that sperm carrying a Y chromosome behave differently to those carrying an X chromosome. Some people believe that Y chromosome sperm are sprinters and X chromosone sperm are endurance athlete. So if you want a boy you should go for a position allowing deep penetration which allows the sperm to start closer to the egg. The sprinters will then reach the egg first. If you want a girl you should try shallow penetration which gives the sperm further to go. The sprinters will run out of energy before they reach the egg, allowing the endurance sperm to win.

As I said, it's not well tested or proven.

buttonmoon78 Wed 22-Jun-11 17:17:50

As with every method of 'sex' selection (not gender!) barring (illegal in the UK unless for medical reasons) embryonic selection, there is no evidence for anything.

After all, for half the people who do something whether it be position, diet, timing, standing on your head and clicking your heels whilst wearing ruby slippers, it will work. But it won't for the other half. That's because on average the birth ratio male:female is 51:49.

What sex are you particularly hoping for? Is it a make or break thing? Is it worth seeking professional advice before conception? It's not really fair to bring a child into the world knowing beforehand that you would only be happy with a girl/boy. A baby is just that - a baby.

For what it's worth, you may want to don a bit of PPE for this thread - it may be a bumpy ride smile

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