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Will I ever get pregnant?

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NewZealand15 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:20:43

Ok I am just wanting to share or hear some advice, for years I was just too afraid to have babies and so protested for years, 2009 I became pregnant for the first time at 37 years ( I was with my long term man who is now my husband) I totally freaked and was so scared and didn't want it, I miscarried after 7 weeks and really was relieved, a little sad.

2010 after we got married and 4 months into the marriage I became pregnant again now I am 38 years old, again I was in total shock but this time started to want the baby, yes being married has really changed my view on babies and other things! anyway again 7 weeks later I miscarried and this one devastated me and since then I have desperately wanted a baby, my husband who is younger than me is so broody and I am now scared I may never have a baby and feel he should not be going through this.

I am 39 years old next week and since the last miscarriage it has been 10 months and no pregnancy. We have had alot of blood tests all are healthy, measuring hormone levels etc. So what could be happening, I am regularly taking my 'mum to be' vitamins but we are in a stressful area of our life, we have not been happy living in our tiny flat in London having moved from New Zealand and owning a house out there and a piece of land - it has been a bit traumatic moving back to be surrounded by neighbours and ones who smoke, so I am thinking stress could be a contributory factor?

Finally to add to the stress my husband now has been offered a job in Australia and we 'again' have to move and I have to leave all my family and friends again! It is starting to feel like there won't be a time when it would be right to have a family. I don't know I do feel upset now that it may never happen.

eurochick Wed 22-Jun-11 14:50:47


I am not sure what your neighbours smoking has to do with anything, but that aside you might find more responses if you post on conception rather than pregnancy. There are a lot of women on there in a similar situation to you.


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