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Ponseti Practitioner around warwickshire

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AnnamariaHun Tue 21-Jun-11 20:46:46

im 28wk pregnant with my second son and were told that he has got talipes on his left foot.
Thankfully a lot of experienced mums here have already helped me and given me loads of great advice and information.
I've registered with the Steph charity who has also provided with loads of good info
i am trying to find out if anyone has had experince with the ponseti method who can recommend a Paediactric Physiotherapists or a Orthopaeidic surgeons who uses this methon in and around warwickshre
these are the names, i've been given by the step charity if i choose to look elsewhere than my local hospital

Giles Patterson
University Hospital of Coventry

Hari Prem
Birminghams Childrens’ Hospita

Rachel Buckingham
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford
(John Radcliffe Hospital)

I will also speak to my mw to find out who uses this method in our local hospital (warwick).

any advice would be appreciated

thank you

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