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TTC whilst still breastfeeding - a waste of time?

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Parsnippercy Tue 21-Jun-11 20:14:57

It took a longish time to conceive first time round (1 year, then miscarriage, then another 6 months) so decided not to bother with any contraception and just see what happens this time. Still breastfeeding, although just morning, evening and expressing at lunchtime to put on morning cereal now DS is 9 months and on 3 meals a day. Had expected periods to start again by now but no sign and have done a couple of hopeful pg tests which were negative. Is the bf likely to be stopping ovulation or not really at this stage? I know everyone's different, but would be interested to know of others' experiences. Thanks!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Jun-11 20:23:27

Well, I have conceived whilst feeding DS, but by then he was older than your DS and my periods had returned. Like you say not everyone is the same but for lots of Mums their periods start returning after the night feeds stop. Kellymom has some information on Bfing and conceiving here.

Was just wondering too why you express for his cereal, does he have a cow's milk allergy?

Iggly Tue 21-Jun-11 20:25:58

My periods came back at around 10 months after DS dropped a night feed. I still fed DS when I got pregnant two months later (although MC) then pregnant again at 17 months, still BF!

Parsnippercy Tue 21-Jun-11 20:27:06

Yes, (and Hirschprung's disease - bowel problem) otherwise, wouldn't worry about it. He is ok with soya though, so sometimes give him that. Thanks for the link - will have a look.

Malvapoeding Tue 21-Jun-11 20:28:23

Parsnip - DD1 took 7 years and fertility treatment to conceive and so I took the lack of periods and BF to mean no chance getting pregnant - On DD1's first birthday I found out I was expecting DD2 - A total and utter shock there are 20 months between them. BF can suppress ov and you may find as he cuts down his feeds in the next few months your periods return.

otchayaniye Tue 21-Jun-11 20:30:48

At 22 months and demand feeding my periods hadn't returned so I had to cut back on demand feeding and only feed once or twice a day to get a period. But I got pregnant on the second cycle. And that's at age 39 and with a history of Ashermans Syndrome.

Still ahem feeding her and the milk dwindled and is coming back in so she's ramping it up more. So looks like I'll be tandeming.

Best of luck. I thought I'd never get a period back.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 21-Jun-11 20:32:37

My periods didn't come back until DS was about 19 months I think. But then conceived twice after that whilst still feeding (one mc'ed). So it can be done.

Poppet45 Tue 21-Jun-11 20:46:23

Periods came back one month after end of night feeds. So DS was about 16 months I think. We conceived on the first cycle and I'm currently 18 weeks and still feeding DS. Had hoped to stop by 2 - but realised now it means so much to him he won't be ready in two months, so am gearing up to do some tandem feeding!

mamaesi Tue 21-Jun-11 20:46:46

Not while breastfeeding... but as soon as I stopped, got one period and then conceived straight away, first try..

seems after I stopped we were super fertile. just keep shagging smilegood luck!

MummaHG Tue 21-Jun-11 20:51:58

I fell pregnant with DS3 whilst BF DS2 ( he was 6 months old & my periods had returned when he was 3 months). I have now fallen pregnant again with DC4 whilts still BF DS3 & he is now 9.5months old.
With all my children my periods returned very quick even when EBF but I know this can take a much longer time for some women.
Good luck with trying smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Jun-11 21:23:49

Parsnip both times my periods returned I had sort of ghost periods for a couple of months first. Felt like I was going to come on then just returned to normal. It was almost as if my body was getting ready. Have you been experiencing anything like this?

Have you found anything useful in the link?

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 21-Jun-11 21:27:02

My periods returned when DD was about 20 months - she was only feeding at bedtime every second night or so by then. Got up the duff on first month of trying but then sadly MCd. BFP another 3 months later but had had to stop BF when pregnant before as too sore due to pregnant nork-ache.

BartletForAmerica Tue 21-Jun-11 21:33:26

Feel free to join us here if you'd like to chat to people TTC while BF. I've only just joined but it is so good to see lots of success stories.

graciousenid Tue 21-Jun-11 21:46:49

I've managed to conceive whilst breastfeeding 5 times - but only after night-weaning (I've conceived on the first cycle after night-weaning each time). Most recent baby was conceived after night-weaning but before my periods had started back (dd2 was 14/15 months at the time), I wasn't really expecting it!

lollystix Tue 21-Jun-11 22:03:36

Fell pregs with DS4 whilst feeding DS3. DS3 must have been about 9 months old and was only getting one nightime bottle but was still feeding him if he woke in the night. Periods never returned. Big shock as we thought we were done with 3 and I didn't find out till I was 15 weeks - I'm 22 weeks and still getting over the shock!!

AnnaAndBump Tue 21-Jun-11 23:10:29

I conceived whilst breastfeeding DD (6 months) and managed to get pregnant before my period returned, quite a rare occourance according to Kellymom, bit of a shock at first, but delighted now!

Parsnippercy Wed 22-Jun-11 21:37:15

JiltedJohnsJulie - thanks, yes the linkwas really helpful, as are everyone's comments here - basically they have helped me relax a bit more (half the prob first time round methinks) and go with the flow! Thank you!

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