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Periods and pregnancy? Have you ever experienced this?

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canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 19:02:55

I've already started a thread on here worrying about the possiblilty of being pregnant for the 4th time because my partner does not want anymore... then my period came and sighs of relief and some serious contraception planning is now happening...

But my period has been the lightest one since I stopped breastfeeding in January. Every period up to now has been 7 days and so heavy. This one lasted five and some days was very light but it was a period.

I've also been feeling so queasy with that familar horrible taste in my mouth that only goes for the time being when you eat especially carbs!

Now I am back to worrying and considering running around the corner to test as I have hen night and wedding coming up and if I am I need to know.

I've been feeling like this for a week now so please tell me I am being a total idiot and not to bother wasting a tenner on a test. If I had a period even if it was a light one but did last five days then I cant be pregnant right???

I'm trying to tell myself this and I must just have some kind of bug thats making me feel like this.

mumblebum Tue 21-Jun-11 19:04:59

If you're going to worry about it you need to do a test to put your mind at rest. Cheap ones work just as well though!

CBear6 Tue 21-Jun-11 19:06:43

It's unlikely but you can still have a "period" and be pregnant - sometimes your body doesn't realise it's pregnant straight away so goes through a mini period.

Buy a test, put your mind at ease. Sod the £10 ones, £3.50 at Asda for two.

canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 19:07:49

I'm just waiting for dh to get in so I can run around and get one but thought I would post here to see what you all thought. I was hoping that a few of you would tell me i am being a plonker and its not possible so not to waste my money. My chemist only sells the expensive £10 plus ones.

I've read before about implantation bleeds sometimes happening around teh time your period was due or old blood coming out but mine was red and for five days but very light so my periods could also just be settling.

Its the familar taste in my mouth that has been worrying me.

canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 19:09:27

Well just took my temp and its 37.4 so maybe I am just under the weather

canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 19:28:57


canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 20:36:23

he's just got back and not in a good mood so dont even want to mention it now. going to get one tomorrow, just had a little read on the net and i can see it is possible due to hormones.

shellmc Tue 21-Jun-11 20:39:15


My mam had periods when she was pregnant with me she had 3 one month after the other!! So it is possible to have periods whilst pregnant.
Hope you get the result you want xxx

canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 22:37:25

That is strange, I've not heard of it before.

I feel so exhausted tonight emotionally and physically. This horrible taste in my mouth wont go away. I always have it for about 18 weeks with other pregnancies so if I am not pregnant I wonder why I am tasting it?

The chances that I am really are small, he did not ejaculate in me and we probably only had sex a few times in the last month due to being so tired with work and waking baby.

I am definitely going to get a test tomorrow. If I am he will be so upset, he said to me before that having another baby would top him iff. Our youngest now has not given us one decent nights sleep in 18mths. He keeps talking about how hard it is etc. I just know he would not want this baby. But I could never abort a baby at this age, knowing that I could manage. But this could destroy our relationship. It would only work if he stood by me and did not hold it against me when things got hard. See I am driving myself mad now.

CBear6 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:42:12

If you were I'm sure he would come around. When I told DH I was pregnant again his first word was "shit", he brooded for a half hour, and then he was over the moon. I'm 28 weeks and he gets more and more excited each day. This is technically our fourth, we had a mc followed by DS and last year had a particularly bad second trimester mmc which it took me a long time to recover from, emotionally and physically. Even though we were actively trying again I think he was in denial about what the result of unprotected sex would be and that his reaction when I told him was more to do with worry about the same thing as last time happening again.

With the best will in the world accidents happen.

LooloosMummy Tue 21-Jun-11 22:45:08

a friend of mine had periods all the way through her pregnancy, she didn't find out she was pregnant till she was 7months gone, so its entirely possible! you have to consider whether you want to have the baby even if you don't bring him/ her up with DP/H then if he decided to stay or go thats his descision but its your body and up to you if you are pregnant if you keep 'it' or not. best to go do a pg test asap, even if you go to docs to have it done, you need to either put your mind at rest, or have a serious think about what your going to do. hope you can come to a descision which is right for you.

NorthLondonDoulas Tue 21-Jun-11 22:50:10

Take a test!!!! I hate to say it but my friend has x2 little ones due to the "withdrawl" method of contraception. I fell pregnent in 2008 while i was breast feeding and my baby was only 4months at the time. Likewise i am now in early pregnancy with baby number 5 and it was an utter shock as i was on the pill and the only reason i found out was because i had a light period and cramping for 4weeks so went to the hospital to have it checked out and surprise surprise i was pregnant lol. Its def better to buy a cheap test from your local supermarket just to put your mind at rest. Good luck and i hope you get the result you are hoping for.x

osd Tue 21-Jun-11 22:52:02

I have a similar thing going on here, i think i have a virus (hope) but also have that nag, had my period last month but now maybe not, maybe the thing i just found when googling. So pound shop tomorrow to find out. Or no more googling. Or hoping and not hoping. God wish your nipples would change colour when you were pregnant, way easier then buying a stick to pee on. Evolution or God (sorry mate) well shoddy design.

canibe Tue 21-Jun-11 22:52:31

Cbear6 - Congratulations!!! I can understand his nerves at the beginning.

Well I am going to try and switch off for some sleep. I could not imagine not being with my partner, he is my soul mate and a wonderful father to our three children.

We'll see tomorrow I guess. No point in thinking about it anymore until then... say's she practicing how she breaks the news!

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 09:33:26

It is strange but my mam told me it took a while for her to get a positive result with me, as she had periods for first 3 months, she didnt get a BFP untill she was nearly 14 weeks pregnant.

Good luck xx

Cattleprod Wed 22-Jun-11 09:49:15

I had what I thought was a period - exactly the same time, length, heaviness, colour etc. Turned out to be a haemmorage in my uterus wall, a little way away from my embryo. Now 22wks pregnant.

canibe Wed 22-Jun-11 13:58:15


well messed up my whole day driving to an asda to buy cheap tests, dd3 fell asleep and now wont have her afternoon nap and i'm surrounded with dishes and washing. ah well!

test was negative and i really was surprised to see it, i really thought and feel i am. strange. maybe i need to go to the dentist, this tastse in my mouth maybe gum disease ;)

my period is finished and was so light with no pmt so i cant complain really!
i must just be under the weather, got headache and feel so heavy. i'm never ill so i guess when i am i think im pregnant!

i even had some wine last night and it tasted gross and i love wine.

at least i can relax now for my friends hen weekend and wedding!

thanks guys!

LooloosMummy Wed 22-Jun-11 14:12:01

ahh you can relax now! you probably are just ill if you don't get ill very often! and prehaphs it was an iffy bottle of wine, it could have been corked or something!
i think most people on the TTC forums will agree with me when your trying to symptom spot every little tiny thing you pick up on which isn't 'normal' for you (probably don't notice it normally) is poss a sign of pregnancy! and it just accumalates until you do a pg test and prove yourself wrong/ right!

have fun at your friends hen and wedding you enjoy it after panicking yourself! wine

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