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Music for labour - any suggestions?

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LAbaby Tue 21-Jun-11 18:44:47

I've got two weeks to go and just started packing my hospital bag. The hospital have said I can bring a CD player and CDs, but I have no idea what kind of music i'll want to listen to during labour.
Any suggestions for good albums that I can stick on and leave on - I won't want to be swapping CDs when I'm in labour!
I'd like relaxing stuff for early labour and maybe more energetic stuff as well? Any ideas? Thanks

fatbottomgirl Tue 21-Jun-11 20:06:11

None:- any noise irritated the crap of out me when i was in labor gringrin Good luck

Reallee Tue 21-Jun-11 20:32:10

If you take the cd player you won't use it. If you don't you'll wish you had. Mostly whatever you plan will be different. I think the radio might have been on during labour. I can't remember! Know I wasn't bothered either way. Would recommend some Capri sun drinks in the bag though. They were a godsend for me.

NatzCNL Tue 21-Jun-11 21:25:18

I packed Enya and chill out music - the CD player never even made it out of the bag! DP did suggest putting some music on, but my colourful response cant be repeated on here....! blush

Music is relaxing in early labour, I would imagine, but my labours were very quick and chosing what music to have on in the background was the last thing on my mind when it was all systems go.

Best of luck to you and let us know if you managed to get any music on smile x

redexpat Fri 24-Jun-11 13:56:41

Faure's requiem.
Carl Nielsen's "The dream" although that's only a short piece.
I'm sure classic fm do a soothing classics cd.

Lighthouse family always soothes me when I have PMT.
Indigo girls.

I actually find several radio 4 voices very soothing. Eddie Mair, Jennifer..., Kate Adie.

ThePathanKhansWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 13:57:28

Salt n Pepper Push it.

iklboo Fri 24-Jun-11 14:00:32

I laboured to The Best of The Smiths and Popular Opera. DS popped out to the same music I had walked down the aisle to 53 weeks before grin

meditrina Fri 24-Jun-11 14:02:46

Musique: "Push, push, in the bush"

pantsandpup Fri 24-Jun-11 14:06:07

I'm with fatbottomgirl. I sorted out my music and then when it came to actually being in labour I didn't want anything distracting me....

IslaValargeone Fri 24-Jun-11 14:08:30

Ray Charles 'I don't need no doctor'

ThePathanKhansWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 14:11:21

Loves Hurts

ThePathanKhansWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 16:19:52

Burning ring of fire Johnny Cash.

ThePathanKhansWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 17:07:54

The first cut is the deepest.

ThePathanKhansWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 18:12:25

Isn't she lovely stevie wonder
beautiful boy J.Lennon

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