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3 boys already - 4th baby due on the 3rd december ...should we find out?

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lou071979 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:26:55

I would love to know of anyone in a similar situation to us...We have 3 lovely boys aged 13, 11 & 5 , We are expecting our 4th child on the 3rd December and we just cant agree on whether to find out the sex of it. We didnt know with any of the other 3 ! Would love your views !

notnowbernard Tue 21-Jun-11 12:30:45


Because the surprise is just the BEST bit smile

I didn't find out with my 3, either

Congratulations smile

lou071979 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:40:11

arrr thank you smile I dont think we will but would love to know how other people with 3 of one sex feel when they are expecting another.....I would love a girl but I know when it comes we will just adore it !!

notnowbernard Tue 21-Jun-11 12:42:15

I had 2 dds then ds, so sort of know what you mean... I just sort of expected ds to be a dd, so it was a MASSIVE surprise when he arrived! A wonderful moment

Though I must say, I hand on heart didn't care what the gender was - really and truly

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