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Random mini rant

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Lynzilove Mon 20-Jun-11 21:43:17

So friends (loosest sense of the word!!) have recently announced that they are going to ttc. Fair enough you'd think, however all they both done since is talk about how little they will be entitled to benefits wise!
I've ended up having a pop at both of them now, it annoys me that they are making a decision based on what they can get, not the right reasons in my book. Don't get me wrong, anything we are entitled to we will claim and it will help but it wasn't a deciding factor for us when we started to try.
Grrrrrr rant over

Mum2be79 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:58:45

I know how you feel. There are people I know who plan their families around benefits rather than being a decision that is personal and about being ready for commitment etc, etc.

I'm expecting my first in January and when we started TTC we KNEW that when the new child benefit system would come into force, we wouldn't be eligible. It's the only 'benefit' currently we're entitled to but I think that changes in 2013?

Anyway, benefits have NOT been a factor at all in our decision. TBH my DH actually doesn't believe in child benefit as he says that if you choose to have children, you should support them emotionally and financially 100% and it should not fall upon the taxpayer (some of whom choose not to have children) to pay. He says that benefits should be there to support people who have paid into the system or, through no fault of their own, people who are severely disabled or sick and even THEN as a temporary measure. I understand that in current times, this may be somewhat 'harsh' but I happen to agree with him ...

(Coming from someone whose Father has had 2 heart attacks and a heart bypass and wasn't entitled to ANYTHING except £54 sick despite paying NI and tax all his working life!)

Lynzilove Mon 20-Jun-11 22:17:17

Hear hear. Glad I'm not alone in my annoyance!

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