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not entirely sure of dates what happens now?

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Fernier Mon 20-Jun-11 19:34:01

I have had a positive test the last few days and I think I am very early on maybe 4 and a half weeks based on when I think I got pregnant BUT I am still breastfeeding and havent had regular periods in a few months (last proper one was around feb) so I am not totally sure and I realise that its possible its more than that. What happens when i see the doctor? will he go on the date I think? or will i have to go for a scan to find out (not all that eager to go for a very early scan as experience show they are internal !).

HarrietJones Mon 20-Jun-11 21:34:15

They'll go on the dating scan dates

vtechvoyager Mon 20-Jun-11 21:48:25

When I was pg and not sure how far along I was (same as you, bf meant no periods so v hard to tell) the doc discussed with me the likely dates and based on our best guess he contacted the MW and my first scan was booked.

It turned out I was further on than I thought so glad I had the scan quite quickly or I'd have been quite far on before scan and I'd have been too late for the NT scan I wanted to have.

I didn't get a normal 12 week scan though because the first scan I had was used as my dating scan, they said anything after 8 weeks will count as the dating scan.

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