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5 Weeks and Morning sickness is kicking in...

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mummymccar Mon 20-Jun-11 14:37:36

5 Weeks in an morning sickness is really kicking in today. Haven't worshipped at the porcelain throne yet but I have a feeling it isn't too far away. This is DC1 so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for making it through the day for me? Also, is morning sickness supposed to show this early? Dr.Google is conflicted.

QueenCee Mon 20-Jun-11 15:06:46

Hi. I'm 5 weeks also with DC2. I've been as sick as a dog for about 3 weeks... So literally from the time we conceived. It's how I knew I was PG. If it wasn't happening to me, I wouldn't believe it as was under the impression it was as a result of hormones caused at implantation. I'm fairly sure we have the dates right... So to answer your question, yes, it appears it can happen this early.
As for what to do to improve it? I shall watch with I t
interest as never had it nearly this badly with DC1.

mummymccar Mon 20-Jun-11 15:15:04

Thanks QueenCee, glad to know I'm not going mad!

QueenCee Mon 20-Jun-11 15:21:32

When are you due mummymccar?

d0gFace Mon 20-Jun-11 15:34:09

Fizzy drinks make me feel abit better. Mine started at 7/8 weeks, feel sick all day but only actually been sick twice.

Bubalie Mon 20-Jun-11 16:15:15

Mine started at around 5 weeks, so you are not alone. I'm sorry to say that it lasted to around week 18 although I've never actually been sick - just that nauseous feeling and gone off food. Good luck!!

shellmc Mon 20-Jun-11 20:19:54

I was being sick 3 days before my period was due and soo kinda knew i was pregnant tested day after and got BFP!! I had it real bad and sorry to say i had it about 7 months out of my whole pregnancy sad I really hope it doesnt last long for you. I tried everything and only thing that sort of helped was eating little and often xx

RickGhastley Mon 20-Jun-11 20:28:34

I'm 7 wks pg with my 2nd and nothing really worked for my sickness first time round I'm afraid! I tried all the usual things: ginger, seasickness wrist bands etc but nothing seemed to have an effect. Luckily the nausea went completely at about 14 weeks and I felt FANTASTIC!!

I just tried to eat little and often, as the sickness was worse when my stomach was empty. Also rested a lot (which I can't do now with DS around!) and fizzy drinks went down OK.

I'm going to try acupuncture this week as I've heard that can work for some people, fingers crossed!

mummymccar Mon 20-Jun-11 20:39:59

Thanks for the tips everyone! Tried some ginger biscuits and that seemed to help. It seemed to go away a couple of hours ago so fingers crossed I won't actually vomit today! Cranberries seemed to start it off bizzarely.

QueenCee - I'm due 23rd Feb.

QueenCee Mon 20-Jun-11 21:27:52

Youre due 3 days after me!! Fingers crossed both our sickness subsides x

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 21:44:32

I thought I had beenn getting sickness at 5 weeks but was told by my Dr that at that time it couldn't be as the HCG levels which is what make you sick don't reach a level high enough to do that until around 7 weeks.

nannyl Mon 20-Jun-11 21:52:39

My morning sickness started at 5 weeks, though didnt actually vomit until 5+6

By 7 weeks it had turned to HG, and by 8 weeks i was in hospital dehydrated.

I hope yours isnt as extreme, but if you feel its getting really bad make sure you go to GP, and keep going to GP. I went to my (lovely) GP 3 days in a row before being admitted to hospital.
In future pregnancies, if sick again i plan to get onto anti-emetics quicker in the hope it keeps me out of hospital, and TBH i think i should have gone back in the afternoon of the 2nd consectutive day i was at GP... i think id have been admitted then, and would then have got less ill than i had become by the following morning.

(oh I DEFINITELY had enough hormones to be sick then... i was sick then!)

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 21:56:59

Nanny I'm 24 weeks and have been sick from around 4, although same as you didn't actually vomit till near 6. I've ended up with anti emetics and injections as well. Got to the point I was sitting talking to my Dr with a sick bucket.

Yours was obviously much worse though. I think it was maybe just a case of I annoyed the Dr's enough to get mines in time.

Perhaps strong pregnancies?

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 21:57:54

Oh, and I am still vomiting almost every day. hmm

nannyl Mon 20-Jun-11 22:10:46

poor you strawberry

between about 20 and 26 weeks i had several days (sometimes in a row) sick free. bliss smile
This week its back to every day again though, sad despite still being on anti sick tablets. Oh well, at least i FEEL better now.
i hope you feel better too. For me the 1st trimester - 16 weeks was just horrendouse

Elizabeth32 Mon 20-Jun-11 22:18:57

My morning sickness started at 5 weeks and lasted until around 12 weeks, well, it started to ease off at 12 weeks.

It was terrible. I was vomitting before work and at work. It was morning, day and very very bad in the evenings. I remember after work, i used to go straight to bed as i just could not bear the smell in the house.

Nothing helped. The metalic taste in my mouth and excess saliva was also terrible. You just have to ride it out. I had twins by the way, thats why my m.sickness was just unbearable. Nothing with ginger or sick wrist bands worked. Only bacon sandwiches made me forget about the sickness for a few moments.

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 22:22:24

Nannyl Thanks, I've learned to put up with it now, the heartburn is worse imo!!

How far along are you? Do you think the Dr might give you the injections instead of the pills? I thought the pills were horrid.

I hope you start feeling better too, the worse for me was 16 weeks too.

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 22:23:52

Elizabeth Weirdly for me fried foods were all that helped. hmm I used to get all sorts from my family going on about how if I was so ill I wouldn't want to eat greasy food.

nannyl Mon 20-Jun-11 22:28:18

agh yes the heartburn.... and the leg cramps, and pins n needles, and nightmares!
Im 28 weeks now and now i have leaky boobs lol
i have a load of gaviscon and i find lovehearts work wonders too (and much nicer)
I agree the pills are gross and sometimes taking the pill makes me be sick! especially if you dont swallow straight away, & its gets stuck, and as they have no smooth coating you get the taste. Vomitting them is pretty gross too.... sick with sick tablet in tastes extra gross lol!

For the 1st 16 weeks i only ate junky crappy food cause that was all i could stomach, but many days i couldnt eat anything at all.

StrawberryMewMew Mon 20-Jun-11 22:33:40

Nannyl Pins and needles! shock Horrible.
My boobies have been leaking since 17 weeks and now causing problems, especially since the other night when they no joke started spraying over a meter away from me and hit my DP's laptop screen! grin

Love hearts work for heartburn? I swear the gaviscon bottles is glued to my hand. My aunt says she had the same and gripe water works wonders.

I really feel for you, we're obviously a couple of the unlucky ones who get every bloody symptom in the book. I am at this moment hooked up to a 24 hour ECG thing for palpitations.

Have they tried giving you the little disolving pills you put under your lip?

mummymccar Tue 21-Jun-11 10:41:30

You poor ladies! All of you seem to be having a rough time! The things these babies do to our bodies!

Bartimaeus Tue 21-Jun-11 12:21:09

nannyl sorry you're still being sick! I was sick daily until 16 weeks, then every few days until about 21 weeks, and haven't been sick now for ages (am 25 weeks), except when I did the glucose test which made me spectacularly sick.

Still feeling sick in the mornings and evenings though.

OP - try nibbling food little and often (and by often I mean at least every hour). However, when I got very sick I found that the only way not to be sick was not to eat or drink before 11am. Even a sip of water came back up...

By doing this you do of course lose loads of energy, although I found throwing up meals to be so horrible I preferred to be lethargic!

Try searching mumsnet for other ideas. I found lots of ideas for surviving at work/whilst commuting etc.

The worst thing I did was believe everyone who told me it would stop at 12 weeks. It didn't and that was soooo depressing.

TopazMortmain Tue 21-Jun-11 12:48:54

My ears pricked at the mention of bacon sandwiches smile

Am seven and a half weeks and am basically a walking nausea factory.

Only two things work for me - Melba toast (grim but effective) and ice cold soda water. I think may experiment with bacon.

<totters back toward the bathroom>

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