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Really REALLY swollen lady cavern at 13wks.

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Awomancalledhorse Mon 20-Jun-11 01:29:57

shock thought the title would get your attention!

DH & I didn't have sex for the (ENTIRE!) 1st trimester, only started again last night, problem is, I can't fit him 'in' me (no matter what position we try).
I don't have a UTI or hayfever/any allergies which may cause swelling down there, and although DH is rather sizeable in the pants deparment I refuse to believe (no matter how much he insists) that he has grown in 3 months!

Anything to be worried about, or am I just swelling because of the womb squatter?

Should I just tell DH my vagina is rebelling against him impregnating me? grin

PoppysMom Mon 20-Jun-11 02:01:13

Oh, interesting you post this. I am 17+5 and I seem to be having trouble too!
I think it must be due to that area becoming engorged with more blood flow maybe?

I shall watch out for other comments too smile

Awomancalledhorse Mon 20-Jun-11 02:16:36

Hi PoppysMom, sorry to hear you've having trouble too.

Dr.Google does mention blood flow to the area, but I can't find anything specific to inside, it's mostly about getting varicose veins/swollen outside (yippee! we have that to look forward to)!

PoppysMom Mon 20-Jun-11 02:51:47

Yes, isn't it just amazing? I assumed that the inside would swell up as well, but I have no idea. All I know is that it's really uncomfortable blush

PenguinArmy Mon 20-Jun-11 04:27:59

not quite the same issue but after sex around this time I was terribly engorged. Only thing that has come close was after I had given birth to DD. We have to use lube now, but that's more down to hormones from when I BF DD. Although I've stopped now it doesn't seem to have come back or maybe it's a swelling issue.

couldn't chat about this at tea with work mates could you grin

at 23 weeks the issue doesn't seem as bad

QueenCee Mon 20-Jun-11 07:14:58

Towards the very end of my last PG I had terrible water retention. Everywhere! Including my fanjo. It was enormous and incredibly swollen. It felt like I'd got a loaf of bread between my legs!!!
Could it possibly be that?
The glamour of pregnancy!

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