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nearly 40 weeks and trouble sleeping..

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stella1w Sun 19-Jun-11 04:06:14

I've had a stressful time during this pg and suffered a lot from insomnia.. now I am so far along, the physical strain seems to be stopping me sleeping.. turning over in bed is painful, I try to sleep on my side, but it's too uncomfortable.. so I just don't sleep and then lie awake and start to worry.. often I'll fall asleep at 9pm but then wake around 2am til 5am and then back to sleep until 7am! I'd go with the flow but I have a 3 yo to take care of!!
any suggestions for better sleeping???

salander Sun 19-Jun-11 04:11:46

Hey there. You could try one of those long pillows- not sure if they have a proper name - that go between legs and under bump to support it. Can also use as back support for feeding once baby has arrived. Think I got mine in John lewis but sure motercare etc will have. hopefully not much longer to go though?!

pirateparty Sun 19-Jun-11 05:13:31

I was exactly the same in both of my pregnancies. Now have gorgeous 2 wk old and as I remembered from first time - it really does get better once the baby has arrived despite the lack of sleep in other ways. Somehow not being in pain (and this is despite bad 3rd degree tear) and having baby here is so much better than those last few weeks of pregnancy. My spd has almost completely gone and I feel so much better despite not having had more than a few hours of consecutive sleep. And also have toddler so understand about needing sleep!

Haven't got any fool proof tips for helping sleep I'm afraid (only thing which helped was making myself a nest of pillows - about five - didn't find those special pregnancy pillows any use) but you aren't alone and it will get so much better very soon. Can you hand over your toddler to anyone whilst you nap in the day?

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