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Advice needed antidepressents and pregnancy (citalopram)

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pregnantmimi Sat 18-Jun-11 23:43:05

Hi bit shy about talking about this cause of stigma attached to depression but needed advice.

I have a underactive thyroid and find it helps to take a antidepressent along side it or get bad depression (staring at walls not wanting get out of bed type) anyway I came of the antidepressents with the doctors advice when I first found out I was pregnant.

I put the emotions the last 3 months down to hormones the crying and getting irratable.

Had a hard time recently with bleeding and had a few scans so thought the feeling sad normal.

Last few days starting to have the staring at walls business again and thought I need to go back on them. Got that strange numb feeling you get when depressed.

Can anyone relate to this?
Who has had depression or is it normal to feel like this when pregnant?

I am taking into account the bad time I had recently but it just feels different. I want to go back on the meds but concerned if they will have any effect on the baby.

Spoke to doctor already seems all for me staying off the meds.

nicecupatea Sun 19-Jun-11 01:29:42


I cant speak for citalopram, but I have used fluxotene (prozac) in a previous pregnancy and am using it again in my current pregnancy. I was very worried the first time, but DS was born a healthy 9 pounds and is now a happy healthy three year old, there werent any ill effects at all. Both times I started meds in the second trimester though, I think that its not advisable in the first trimester, also you have to come off them slowly before the birth if you plan to breastfeed, as the medication can be passed to the baby through breastmilk.

Did your doctor give any particular reason for you not using the ad's? Perhaps now that your first trimester is passed, he/she would OK them? or recommend a different type? I think its at least worth discussing it again with them, particularly if you are getting symptoms that you recognise. If they are recommending that you dont take citalopram, they should be able to recommend safe alternatives.

How about keeping a diary too? That way you can monitor how you are feeling, whether things are getting better or worse, this might help you see if you really do need some help or not.

best of luck, I know how awful it feels to suffer with this.

Africagirl1 Sun 19-Jun-11 07:10:39

I'm on cipromil and currently 20 weeks. My feeling is you should see a psychiatrist if you are worried - they will be able to give you better advice than a GP. I was told the only thing they will need to watch for is if baby has a mild withdrawal at birth. A better option for me than Post Natal Depression.

KatyN Sun 19-Jun-11 10:09:06

there's a long thread on here somewhere about citraloplan and pregnancy.. it might be a few pages back but it's worth reading if you can find it.

if you can't find it.. then my two pennies' worth. I take 40mg of citraloplan. I've taken AD for 15 years and every time i've tried to come off I'm ended up wanting to throw myself out of a building.. not ideal! I got advice from gp and consultant before ttc and I now split my dose so 20mg am and 20mg pm. I've also been told I can breastfed provided the little chap doesn't get too grumpy or stressed out. There are some risks I have to consider but it was this or not be a mum!

Think about whether you want to carry on without AD. IMO (humble) being depressed is no good for you or your LO!

good luck, katy

KatyN Sun 19-Jun-11 10:11:04

so I totally didn't answer your question. yse I feel really miserable sometimes. I'm tired, hungry and freaked out that I'm going to be a mother. but I am NOT depressed by being pregnant. I cry maybe once a month NOT every day.
we're all different but take a good long think about whether you are depressed or not.

pregnantmimi Sun 19-Jun-11 14:34:38

thanks for all your answers ladies!

katyN will look up that thread about anti depressents thanks.

Nicecupoftea saw psychiatrist last week and she said that citralopram is ok during pregnancy but said if i felt ok it was good to not take anything it was better.

seeing her again in 6 weeks so could talk about it more then I wanted to try to not take them but had the feeling would it be worse if I got depressed like I did a few years ago before I was on the meds and it took awile to get out of that but the tablets been a miracle for me.

Nicecupoftea what your saying about starting in the second trimester well I was thinking that.

Thanks african girl for your advice have you found your depression got worse while pregnant?

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