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20 week scan - chunky baby :(

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Kimmie30 Sat 18-Jun-11 17:36:08

Had my 20 week scan on Thursday. I was exactly 20+0 that day. I am over joyed that everything was normal and we are having a healthy baby boy. However is was told he was chunky which drove me into fear as my second pregnancy ended up with an awful birth. Shoulder dystocia and nearly lost my little boy. He is now 8 but has some learning difficulties that they think may be due to his birth. He was predicted to be 7lb 4ozs and was born bang on 10lb. I am only 5ft 6 and a size 8. I had to have pyhsio for 2 years afterwards sad
Anyway what i am really getting at is are this little ones measurements that big for 20 weeks,

HC 176.0MM
AC 159.0MM
FL 32.0MM

I am so scared i am going to have an awful labour! I never have a big bump but seem to have big babies. My first was 7lb 110zs, which is not huge but i had only just turned 18 at the time. My second was 10lb and third 8lb 110zs. I was closely monitored with the third after having such a bad time with the second and i had growth scans up til the very end and was told he would be no more than 6lb10ozs but he still came out at 8lb 110zs!! I had a really small bump too. I have lost faith in the hospital and now am beginning to wonder exactly what size this one will be and how much of struggle it will be to get him out!! Advice please girlies xxxx

MrsVidic Sun 19-Jun-11 08:23:56

Hi I didn't want your thread to go unanswered. I'm 34 weeks with dd2 and am being told like last time I'm small 4 dates and to expect a small baby (dd1 was 8lb 4 oz)
Have you considered a c section? Sounds like you may have justification if your last labour was so bad?
Do you go over due? Are you checked for diabetes?
I can sympThise that being slim (I'm usually a 10 and same height) means that we hide bumps well so fears of big babies aren't taken as seriously

ToriaPumpkin Sun 19-Jun-11 10:51:19

Your measurements sound similar to mine and I was told the baby was spot on for my dates and there was no mention of it being a big baby at all. Is there someone you can speak to, a community midwife or someone not associated with the hospital who can give you a bit more time and advice?

elseIlltellyourfather Sun 19-Jun-11 12:46:19

Sorry to hear about your problems birthing your son. I am your size/weight and pg with DC2. My first was 10lbs, we had no idea until he was out and weighed! Although he was delivered using forceps and I had an episiotomy as a result, this was more due to my tiredness and 2nd stage delay in labour. In terms of birth weight, I have been told by midwives that it is not neccesarily anything to worry about, and can sometimes make them easier to give birth to as they help themselves get out and are stronger. My 2nd is expected to be big too so I am quite interested in it. Maybe you were just very unlucky with your son, and even if this one is big, it may have quite a different outcome? Also, I had a scan at 34 weeks and head measurements were literally off the scale. Scan at 36 weeks showed them back within normal range, though very big. Scan today (39+4) and barely any bigger than 36 weeks, so much more normal. So, measurements at 20 weeks may not mean much as you have so far to go. Try not to worry, talk to your MW.

Icelollycraving Sun 19-Jun-11 12:55:45

Hi,I'm 38 weeks & just had a look back at my scans. The measurements for mine are v similar but at that stage are completely normal. He has grown a lot since then so I know I'm having a big baby. Speak to your mw if you are really worried. They may give you extra growth scans & maybe discuss a cs.

Kimmie30 Sun 19-Jun-11 13:05:35

Ah thank you so much for all your replies. I am going to talk to my midwife at my next appointment. The lady that scanned me just seemed not to care. When she was doing all his measurments she said how chunky he was and expected him to be big. I asked her if she thought he would be bigger than the last one and she said most definetly and then said all they are concerned about at the 20 wk scan is if the baby is small and if it was big then that's the mothers problem to deal with. Panic set in xxx

lolajane2009 Sun 19-Jun-11 13:12:09

lol I was 19 wks + 5 days with mine and had an interesting time as mine looks like he will be large everywhere but his legs

HC 182.6
AC 146.3
FL 30.2

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