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Early pregnancy, 6w2d, am worried about test results, can anyone help?

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Racwell Sat 18-Jun-11 11:22:47

I am currently just over 6 weeks pregnant (IVF) and am concerned as a scan I had a 6w2d only showed a sac, no fetal pole, no heart beat. Hcg reading is 7399, I am having another scan in 5 days. Has anyone had similar results and ended up with a viable pregnancy?

Cattleprod Sat 18-Jun-11 11:54:26

I had a scan at about 5w5d, with just a sac with a small blob in it, no heartbeat and an area of haemmorage in my uterus bigger than the embryo. Don't know the hcg reading but had a strong line on the test. Rescanned at 7wks they found a heartbeat, and I've just had 21wk scan and all looks ok. Hope yours works out well too.

babycarmen Sat 18-Jun-11 14:57:55

Hi there im 6w 4d and had a scan on monday at 5w6d and no heartbeat or anything, just a yolk sac and a white blob/dot thing. They said its perfectly normal so dont worry. i get another scan at 8 weeks so hopefully see a heartbeat then smile

willitbe Sat 18-Jun-11 17:54:15

Heartbeat not normally seen until hcg reaches around 10000, and this is often around the 6 to 7 week mark. Some might see it at around 5 weeks and some not until nearly 8 weeks, but this is still ok. Since you were 7399 in approx another 48 hours it would have been approx 14798, so therefore you possibly might have seen the heartbeat the following day!!!!!!!

Please don't fret about whether it is a viable pregnancy or not, your results are very much within the normal range.

I had a scan at 7w3d with my dd and they saw nothing but a sac and possibly a hint of maybe a fetal pole but told me it was either I got dates wrong or going to m/c. 11 horrible waiting days later, scan showed everything exactly right for dates and all ok. My dd is now a very healthy 6 year old. Some women with tilted uterus don't see anything in the sac til two weeks later than normal.

I hope I have managed to reassure you and that your next scan shows a beautiful heartbeat for you.

Racwell Sun 19-Jun-11 01:20:47

Thanks everyone for your messages, will cross my fingers and wait until my next scan on Friday (7w2d). Will let you know how it pans out. Thanks again.

BrownB Sun 19-Jun-11 14:00:54

I had a scan at 5+6, and the gestational sac measured 10mm (about three days behind where it should have been), and couldn't see anything inside due to a blood clot in the way.

The second scan at 6+6 (my dates) showed the gestational sac had grown 7mm, and there was a small baby inside measuring 6mm - with a heartbeat. They put the baby at 6+2. <yay>

I'm now 8+4 and am fretting that it's stopped growing, I'm not having enough morning sickness, and my waist has gone all thick and flabby. There's always something. I've had two miscarriages, and have no children, so could write a book on How to Fret. grin

Fingers crossed for you. Hope all is well... it's a horrible long wait for sure.

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