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Is this what spd feels like?

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Catsu Sat 18-Jun-11 08:59:46

Am in agony here but not sure if this is all down to spd or if it could be something else.
The last week or so the pain has got much worse. I feel it in the front of my pelvis and pain shooting down the very top of my inside leg when I walk.
I could hardly sleep last night and this morning am sitting with an ice pack on the front of my pelvis right where pubic bone is.
It feels like the constant horrible ache like when I've had a urine infection before although I don't need to wee any more often and it's not painful at all to wee.
Is this still sounding like spd?
I have just over a week to wait to my next physio appt (am trying to get seen sooner !) but if it doesn't sound like part of spd then maybe it's a urine infection and o should go to out of hours to be checked.
I am 32 weeks.
What do you think?

Catsu Sat 18-Jun-11 09:05:11

Also feel a bit sick from the pain.

captainbarnacle Sat 18-Jun-11 09:05:44

Not sure - but I would get the UTI checked out today just in case.

theonlyhb2 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:06:38

yep i have the same. Also 32 weeks. Got a pelvic band from physio which does help a bit but turning in bed and getting out of bed is agony.

What i wouLD do for some vodka and nurofen plus right now!

schmee Sat 18-Jun-11 09:09:58

When you say pelvis, do you mean your actual pubic bone? If so it does sound like SPD. If the pain is any higher up, I would suggest contacting your doctor. Maybe worth contacting them anyway just to be sure and they may be able to give you a better painkiller.

theonlyhb2 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:11:14

and i too feel sick from the pain. Have a high pain threshold too, i am no stranger to back issues but this takes the piss

JoyceBarnaby Sat 18-Jun-11 09:13:20

Although I agree you should def get checked for a UTI, I have to say this also sounds exactly like the ligament pain I experienced from about 30 weeks with my recent pregnancy. My Dr never used the term SPD, but I think it may have been. You have my complete sympathy - it is agonising at times. The only advice I can offer is to sit down as much as poss (I found this hard as I also have a 3yo - if you already have DC, it will be harder) and don't lift your legs. Sit down to put your pants on etc.

One other thing to add, as a ray of hope, is that when I gave birth last week (a bit early at 35+5!) the pain went and I am now pain-free and comfortable again!! Seriously tired, but that's not relevant here... Hope this helps x

Catsu Sat 18-Jun-11 09:14:28

Yes it's the actual pubic bone.
So it does sound like spd then.
I thought it prob was all part of it but because I've never had it before thought best to check in case it was something completely different tat I should be going to drs for.
Will keep up with painkillers and ice pack until I can see physio again in just over a week and will ask her about support band then.

theonlyhb2 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:27:17

what painkillers are you taking? I thought it was just paracetamol you could take but i may as well piss on myself for all the good then do

Catsu Sat 18-Jun-11 10:18:57

Yes just paracetemol! Am seeing mw next week so will ask her if there is anything stronger I can take!

babybythesea Sat 18-Jun-11 10:33:56

Sounds just like SPD. I suffered quite badly towards the end of my pregnancy and was told to keep moving to a minimum, and to stop whenever it hurt (completely unrealistic in the job I did!). I was also told to imagine that I was wearing a very short, tight miniskirt and wanted to preserve my dignity - keep your knees together and swivel when trying to get in and out of the car, bed etc etc. Sort of helped..!
Word of warning - my dd got a bit stuck during the birth and they had to put me in stirrups to see what was happening - it was agony. Make absolutely sure they know you have had SPD so it can be accomodated. I should have put it on my birth plan and didn't, and didn't manage to articulate what was so painful for me (dh wasn't sure either so didn't say anything for me so make sure your dh knows as well!) so by the time they'd figured out the issue, I turned down everything they offered me in favour of a quick birth and way out! But, as soon as the baby was outside, I had no pain at all - it just vanished.

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